Management Trainee Interns to Work from Home

We are looking for the Management Trainee  Interns to Work from Home for different roles and responsibilities. Initially there would be no payout as will depend on the productivity, once the system and the process is through, we can reward. 

Position : 
Management Trainees / Interns
No. Of Openings : 16

Location   : 
Work from Home

Qualitfication :  
Graduates with Master Education 
IITs and IIMs students are preferred.

Contact : 

Nidhi Jain   
General Manager Operations
Alfa Bloggers Group

Company Overview  : 

AeroSoft Corp ” Best Aviation Based Business Idea for Interns”

WelCome to AeroSoft Corp 

AeroSoft Corp is a newly establishing player in the Global Aviation IT market yet a Pioneer in Virtual Aviation Market in Asia. AeroSoft Corp Aims at creating a very Different, Low Cost, Win Win, Recession Proof, Virtual Aviation Market in Asia. Aerosoft focuses on the concept of out of the box thinking.

1.Aviation HR Consulting Service

We have several years of experience in any Aviation-related field and 
Specialization in Aviation Online Flight School, We are trying to turn that 
into a Good Recession Proof Aviation Based Small Business by offering 
Consulting Services to those who need them. For example, if you have retired as a seasoned Pilot or HR with huge experience in the Aviation Sector, you can offer expert advice to new Airline and Private Airline operators on how to attract customers and grow their Business.
Job Description For HR 

a. The HR manager will be responsible for end to end activity in the organization.

b. Employee On boarding , development, needs assessment, and training.

c. At Aerosoft it will be overall work areas HR needs to look into.

2. Airline Training  Marketing

Marketing is a key to any business so same applies to Aviation field as well like some Airline operators reward people who can bring them customers. And they usually pay huge commissions for each customer referred to them. The commissions are even higher for luxury Airline operators who hire out private jets. If you have solid marketing skills and can easily convince people to take any action you expect of them, then you can earn a huge monthly income as referral commission from Airline operators.

3. Aviation Online Flight School

Whether you are a practicing or retired pilot, you can share your Aircraft 
flying knowledge and skills with others by setting up your own flight school. 
Although this will require some licensing, the whole startup process is relatively easy. Many people are willing to learn how to fly Aircraft, and 
they will be willing to pay to get this knowledge from your flight school.

4. Aviation Blogging

If you pride yourself on having deep knowledge of the Aviation industry in 
your country, then you can start a blog and share your knowledge with others. Although your ultimate goal is to generate profits, you will need to focus on building a loyal audience through publishing quality, helpful, and valuable information. Once your blog becomes popular, you will be able to monetize it through multiple options, such as affiliate marketing, advertising, and so on.

5. Airport Catering Service

While waiting for their flights or after their hour-long flights, Airline 
passengers usually feel the need to take some food. This is where Airport 
restaurants and snack bars come in handy. If you pride yourself on having 
great culinary skills, you should consider starting a catering service that 
offers food to Airport passengers. Similarly, you can collaborate with Airline 
operators and provide pre-flight meals to their customers.

6. Aviation Online Sales 

Since Aircraft Models and Pilot Shops are common and are used every day, it goes without saying that some of their parts would need to be replaced at intervals or whenever they get damaged suddenly. This creates huge profit opportunities for businesses that offer these parts for sale. If you have the required startup capital and are very good at building connections, then you should consider starting a business that sells Aircraft spare parts to Airline operators.

7. Aviation Audits
Audits are  conducted by an individual or firm that is independent of the company being audited. These independent auditors audit the books of a company generally once per year after the completion of the companys fiscal year. Their role is to give an opinion of the financials statements reflection of the status and operations of the company being audited. Based on what they witness during the audit they will also produce, for management and board utilization, a management report. Auditors may also conduct special purpose audits which might include,performing specific tests and procedures and reporting on the results, a less intensive review, and compilations.

8.Aviation News 

A New Blog Directory of all Most Popular Female Pilots of the World , Popular 

Female Civil Pilots, famous female Pilots, Mail :

Advertising Plans  : 

An Invitation for Your Participation in the  
Advertising Plans.  Here are the Special Aviation SMM and SEO Booking details of Your Aviation Business

* This Profile sould be Approximately 500 Words.
* Min Four - Five Picture to be placed in ach Blog Article.
* Intensive S M M Marketing Campaign including the latest 
  Search Engine Optimisation Methods specific to Your Services.

* One U R L Link 
* One Email Link
* Two Press Releases

Payment Details :  USD $ 500 Per Month  
                               [ INR 30,000 Per Month  ]

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Contact : 

Nidhi Jain  [ M Sc Comp Management ]
General Manager Operations
Alfa Bloggers Group

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Nidhi Jain


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