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Case Study on Jet Airways

--Case Study on Jet Airways Jet Airways: Jet Airways (India) Ltd was an Indian international airline based in MumbaiIndia which, on 17 April 2019, ceased all flight operations with its last revenue flight operated by a Jet Konnect Boeing 737 arriving into Mumbai on 17 April 2019. From the third quarter of 2010 onward, Jet Airways was the largest commercial passenger airline in India with a passenger market share of 22.6%. With its competitors, mainly SpiceJet and IndiGo, lowering ticket fares in the following years, it was forced to follow suit, hurting overall performance resulting in steep financial losses. It dropped to second place behind IndiGo in October 2017, with a passenger market share of 17.8%. The downward slide continued and resulted in bankruptcy. The airline was granted a scheduled airline status on 14 January 1995. In January 2006, Jet Airways announced its intention to acquire Air Sahara for US$500 million in an all-cash deal; however, the deal fell through in June 20…

New USA based B-School Game

International B-School Business Plan 
Roger Boniface named as one of the most promising Entrepreneurs in Africa in Forbes Africa's 30 under 30 in 2018. He came up with a concept of providing training that uses simulation to bring real-world learning experiences to the classroom. 
The Game
You are a Co-Founder of a New USA based B-School, Along with your core team build a Business Plan to run your B- School in such a way that Business simulations transform the way students learn by giving them the opportunity to run a real-world business without any of the real-world risks.  This will give students the opportunity get hands on experience in a competitive, engaging and realistic environment. 
Managing committee:
Placement Head
Academic Advisory Board members
Core Faculty:
Head of the Departments:
Human Resources

• Learning attitude
• People Management
Work from home 
Female/20-35 years

Task the members will do:
• Board meeting 
• Meeting…

America’s Largest Airline LatAm Files for Bankruptcy

America’s Largest Airline Files for Bankruptcy The fate of another major airline ends up for filing bankruptcy. LATAM(Latin America) files for chapter 11 bankruptcy due to the travel bans and the passengers that are reluctant to fly due to the fear of the pandemic.  LATAM  is viewed as the biggest aircraft in Latin America with subsidiaries in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru, with its derivatives working a consolidated fleet of 315 airplane giving traveler transport services to 137 goals in 24 nations; and 18 airplane giving cargo services to 144 destinations in 29 nations. The Chapter 11 petition permits LATAM to continue working while the Chilean bearer works out an arrangement to pay creditors and turn around the business. LATAM, whose investors incorporate Chile's Cueto family and Delta Air Lines Inc., keeps on working on a diminished timetable, and it has duties for an insolvency credit of up to $900 million.  LATAM has already slashed the salaries of 4300…

Learning through Management / Corporate Aviation Game

Aircrew Aviation Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with  Indore Management Association Brings in Learning through Management/Corporate Aviation Game                     [Best suited for Engineering,, BBA, B Com, BCA, MBA, MCA Students]


You are a Founder / Director of a  New Dream Airlines of USA

üMake an Airlines Business Plan with a Team
Think Big
Think Out Of The Box
Open Your  Dreams,
üChoose to be part of Board Of Directors [ Co-Founders] (Any one)    Owner CEO
Director Operations
Director  HR
Director  Marketing
Director  Training
Director  FinTech
Chief Pilot
üSkills Required ·        Learning attitude ·        Proactively

Management Corporate Aviation Game

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with Indore Management Association Brings in Learning through  Management / Corporate Aviation Game [Best suited for Pilots, AME, Engineering,, BBA, B Com, BCA, MBA, MCA Students]

What Teams will Learn This detailed Airlines Business Planning document typically includes:
Analysis of the Airlines Market and Competition
Airlines Brand positioning
Description of the Airlines Business and opportunity
Details about the Airlines Operation
Management team biographies
Discussion of Airlines Risks and Obstacles
Pro forma Financial Statements/Projections
Airlines Capitalization plan
Brand Development
Airlines Implementation Strategy.

Task Your Dream Team will do: üMake an Airlines Business Plan with Team  üBoard meeting üMeeting Agenda üName of Dream Airline ü