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Cessna 172 VT-CAF Trainee Plane Crashes in Dhana, Pilot And Co-Pilot killed

Cessna 172 VT-CAF Trainee Plane Crashes in Dhana, Pilot And  Co-Pilot  killed Pilot In Command: Capt Ashok Makwana  Pilot Trainee:  Piyush Singh The accident occurred at 9 pm, the plane landed in the field Trainee aircraft was on Night Flight at Chimes Aviation Academy Dhana Accident caused by landing in the field due to fog Cessna, a trainee of the Chimes Aviation Academy in Dhana, crashed at 9 pm, killing Pilot and Co Pilot. Hospital sources have confirmed the death but the accident and deaths have not yet been confirmed by the Chimes Aviation Academy Dhana. On reaching the spot by our correspondent, photographs of the accident-stricken aircraft were taken and other information was told in which the trainee aircraft Cessna took flight from Dhana Airport at 8:35 pm but due to the dense fog, the aircraft kept wandering in the air. And Pilot took off the plane at the farm at 9 o'clock at night because of not seeing the runway. Due to which the plane shattered and both pi