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Fly High and Make Your Dreams come true, with Cabin Crew Career Guide.

                                                                                                Blog By   Akkumahanthi Sowmya Book Coming Soon  Fly High and Make Your Dreams come true, with Cabin Crew Career Guide Most of the Young Guys / Girls aspire to become something that they are passionate about and like to stand out and become independent by themselves, what I came across is among them there are people who love traveling. Flying is a dream for most the people and the combination of flying and traveling to the different place is being a pilot, air hostess and one can actually choose it as a profession and live their dreams in actual life. There has been a growing scenario in the aviation industries lately, many institutions are also coming up with the courses that will help to become a successful Air Hostess, these Air Hostesses are also known as the Flight Attendants or cabin crew. In the year 1912 a German Heinrich Kubis the first flight attendant. Ellen Chu

Reasons for a Downfall in the Profession, Aviation

                                                                                               Blog By   Akkumahanthi Sowmya Reasons for a Downfall in the Profession, Aviation.  Being a Pilot was the common answer by small kids especially boys when asked, what they want to become after growing big? Flying up in the sky and traveling fascinated all these people to prefer pilot as a profession but then the count has come down slowly for a number of reasons. There was a good scope for students as well who wanted pursue aeronautical engineering started deteriorating day by day. There are many reasons for this some of them can be listed as follows ·         The amount pilots receive amount comparatively less than that is shown in an average for example in the survey conducted in 2014 average pilot income is said to be $75000 but then when it comes into the hand of the pilot it becomes $21000. ·         As pilots tend to travel a lot they won't be having enough tim