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An Air INDIA Jumbo Jet B747 EXPERIENCE From Year 1970 to Year 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Air INDIA B747 EXPERIENCE IN THE 1970S EXCLUSIVE:  An Air INDIA Jumbo Jet B747 EXPERIENCE  From Year 1970 to Year 2020 According to  the founder of the Air India 747 experience back in the 1970’s, Air India could best be described as a country on wings… and perhaps one of the most unique ways to fly. A flight on Air India in the 1970’s, and even the 1980’s, was special for 3 key reasons:  Culture,  Design  Hospitality.  Air India  Culture When you stepped on board their 747, the Indian culture came alive.  From the vibrant and colourful Sarees of the Air hostesses or the Indian-inspired menu to the movies and music selections onboard the Airplane.  Air India  Design The creative team at Air India designed some of the most memorable interiors ever created.  Air India Hospitality The welcoming smile of an Air India hostesses as she greeted you at the entry door with folded hands.  I remember these small moments vividly. Because each and every one of these elements stimulated a

ViSume [Video Resume] of Shradha Pawar Cabin Crew AirHostess Applicant

ViSume of Shradha Pawar Cabin Crew Applicant Dept : Cabin Crew / Management 1. Full Name - Shradha Pawar 2. Date of Birth - 27/10/1990 3. City - Mumbai 4. Gender - Female 5. Age - 30 6. Univ / Ins : University Of Mumbai 7. Education : Diploma In Hospitality & Catering Management 8. WhatsApp : XXXXXXXXXXX 9. Linkedin : 10 Email : 11 Social Media Links : Facebook Linkedin Insta : Twitter :

Self-Employed Pilots

The Icelandic Airline Pilots Association (FIA) representing Bluebird Nordic Pilots have been in negotiations on a new Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) since fall 2020. During negotiations, on 31 December 2020, management laid off all unionized pilots and hired the SAME NUMBER of bogus “Self-Employed” (read: non-unionized) Pilots.  Management announced that from now on they will only hire “Self-Employed” Pilots. This brilliant video from FIA clearly explains the issues with this type of atypical employment, Bogus Self-Employment, and social dumping, in the context of Bluebird Nordic and the FIA Pilots. Bluebird, Social Dumping and Bogus Self-Employment: A short video on the dispute between the Icelandic Airline Pilots' Association and Bluebird Nordic.

Bhopal: Small Trainer Aircraft VT-TAA [P68] Crashes after take-off from Bhopal

 Bhopal: Small Trainer Aircraft VT-TAA [P68] Crashes after take-off from Bhopal  On the way to Guna Crews Capt. Ashwini Sharma,   Capt Rajkumar,  Capt Sami Aswa  BHOPAL: A trainer aircraft crashed on the outskirts of the Bhopal Airport These crew members were Capt. Ashwini Sharma,  Capt Rajkumar, Capt Sami Aswa  राजधानी से इस वक्त की बड़ी खबर ट्रेनी विमान हुआ क्रेश विमान में सवार थे तीन लोग दो लोगों को पहुंचाया गया हॉस्पिटल   विमान भोपाल से जा रहा था गुना कैप्टन अश्विनी शर्मा कर रहे थे फ्लाइंग  भारत सरकार के सर्वे में तैनात था विमान   एयरोसिटी के पास बिशनखेड़ी गांव के पास खेत में एक ट्रेनी प्लेन हुआ क्रैश, तीन पायलट थे सवार  अश्विनी, समी और राज 2 लोगों को हल्की चोट आई, उपचार के लिए भेजा गया अस्पताल