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Jet Airways' I Ltd 20 B 737 Aircraft Engines Held in Singapore over UnPaid Dues

Jet Airways' I Ltd 20 Aircraft Engines Held  in Singapore over UnPaid Dues Delays in fundraising and action by lessors could lead to more disruption As many as 20  Boeing-737 [CFM-56] Engines belonging to Jet Airways I Ltd have been held back by a Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul [MRO] unit in Singapore over unpaid dues. The CFM-56 Engines Power Boeing 737 Aircraft and are stuck at ST Engineering’s MRO for Months. The latter is demanding $130-140 Million [ INR 900-1,000 Crore] in dues be cleared before these are released, industry sources said. With mounting losses, Jet Air has defaulted on lease and vendor payments. Its lessors are contemplating repossessing the planes they had lent. The MRO development highlights the Airline’s serious cash ... Payments :  Join  Google Pay, a payments app by Google. Enter our Code  (   59wc92   )  and then make a payment. We'll each get ₹51! Click here Enter   Code      5

Aviation Entrepreneur of Inda Mr Naresh Goyal

It seemed that the sun of this Aviation Entrepreneur of India would never be lost. Mr Naresh Goyal was one of the first people to jump in after this area was opened to private players in 1991. Since then, on the basis of market share, it is a journey to the skies of the founder of India's second largest Airline. A prominent example of entrepreneurship, Goyal introduced Indians to a great flight experience and gradually became Jet Airways's favorite airline for many people. In 2010, Jet became the country's largest airline with more than 20 percent stake in the passenger market. It took months for Jait to step in the international market, that news of its poor condition worsened. In May of this year, the airline celebrated its 25th anniversary and Goyal seemed optimistic about the future. In the company's annual report, he said, "The possibilities are bright." But according to the news that was coming three months later, the airline had only en