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Save Our Family Jet Airways India ltd

Failure of Jet Airways will employ more than 16,000 employees, and thousands of people will be bound to be tied to the airline, which operates at a height of 120 aircraft and over 600 daily flights.

 Like many other Jet employees, he is afraid of the future because the airline with debt comes into trouble.

"If this continues, I do not know what to do," said the 53-year-old father of two, who has not been paid in almost two months and can be forced to sell his house.

Jet employees said, "I think my hands are tied and I can not sleep at night." "I did not tell my kids anything. They are very young, but they know something is wrong."

Thousands of workers have collapsed due to the rapid turmoil of Jet Airways, who, having lost over $ 1.2 billion in bank loan, got all the planes on the ground on Wednesday.

Shutdown has reduced the crisis further, because it has stacked buyers, employees and suppliers for India's largest private airline, and lenders are tr…

Online preparation for EASA ATPL Examination

Register alone as a distance learner at Approved Training Organization in EU 
Step 01 -  Contact respective any EU ATO and register as a distance learner of ATPL examination (Ex- Spain, Portugal, Malta... etc ) 
Following items candidates have to forward 
1. License scan copy  2. License issued authority verification letter  3. Class 1, Medical certification according to the ICAO regulation and stranded    
Step 02 - Examination preparation with RAA, 
They can plan the 14 EASA examination as follows  1. 5 exams per one sitting in to two times and third sitting 4 exams  2. 7 exams per sitting in to two times  3. 14 exams at one sitting, repeat exam in next sitting 
You can get the Ravana Aviation Academy EASA ATPL lectures online or class room lectures as well. For the class room lectures in India, at least 30 students must be registered and confirmed. 
Fee structure - Online preparation for EASA ATPL examination 1. 3000 USD for all course with exam potential tutorials 
2. Module wise fee…

National FCL Conversion to EASA FCL

National FCL Conversion to EASA FCL 

Eligible categories – Aero Plane only a)On the job International Airline Captains holding a License of National ATPL    b)On the job International Airline First Officers holding a license of National ATPL   c)On the job domestic Airline Captains holding a license of National ATPL d)On the job domestic Airline First Officers holding a license of National ATPL   e)Fresh Pilots of National CPL IR or CPL license holders f)CPL IR under training National PPL IR or PPL license holders

To convert above mentioned licenses categories to EASA ATPL License, candidate has to follow below procedure only – Step -01 – (ATPL distance learning registration in Europe) a)Register as an ATPL distance learning candidate in any EASA Approved Training Organization. Recommend – European Pilot Academy in Malta. Step -02 – (Registration at Ravana Aviation Academy for ATPL lectures and exam preparation) a)Proof your registration as an ATPL distance learning candidate at ATO in Europe b)On…

Dark Future of Jet Airways Boeing-737 and ATR Pilot

जेट एयरवेज बोइंग-737 और एटीआर के पायलट का भविष्य
Future of Jet Airways Boeing-737 and ATR Pilot

Banks are reluctant to pay Rs. 1500 crores in Jet Airways, which Teetering airline has demanded to be saved as it faces a huge shortage of cash.

The airline was able to fly only five aircraft on Tuesday, according to the rules of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, minimum minimum requirements and conditions of the Air Operating Permit (AOP), documents permitting a commercial airline to operate across the country.

Airline pilots told  that the situation is very serious and due to lack of funds the airline can be grounded at any moment.

"I suspect that if Jet Airways will continue operations tomorrow, funding is very important and whatever funding comes, salaries should be a part of that funding. Management has conveyed to us that whatever this figure is, it includes salary All employees, "Captain Asim Valliali, a senior airline pilot told NDTV.

In the event of the pilot no s…