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Breaking News live: Air India Express Dubai Calicut AXB 1344 Flight overshoots the TableTop Runway on Landing at Karipur Airport, Kozhikode

Breaking News live: Air India Express  Dubai  Calicut AXB 1344 Flight overshoots the TableTop Runway on Landing at Karipur Airport, Kozhikode  Pilot In Command: Captain Deepak Sathe [Died]  F/O :  Capt  Akhilesh Kumar  [Died ]  Went around on R28 then came back for R10 Air India Express AXB1344, Boeing 737 Many people injured in an Airplane Crash in Kerala Air India aircraft crashed on the runway at Kozhikode Airport in Kerala. Due to which a big accident has been seen. The aircraft crashed and broke into two after the plane slipped on the runway. The plane was coming from Dubai, carrying 189 passengers. Many people have been injured in this accident. At the same time, according to sources, a platoon and three passengers have died in the accident. According to DGCA, Air India Express AXB1344, Boeing 737 was coming to Calicut from Dubai. There were 189 passengers on the plane. After landing on the runway due to heavy rain, the aircraft slipped and fell into the valley.

AirAsia Airlines' Pilot Capt Sanjay just Committed Suicide

AirAsia Airlines Malaysia Pilot Captain Sanjay just Committed Suicide.   AirAsia Airlines'  Pilot Capt Sanjay Jumped from his Apartment.   Lost his Flying Job and could not meet commitments. Father is a lawyer in Kluang, Johor. MH @Source : Not Yet Confirmed, Awaiting More details. #AirAsia,  #Airlines,  #Malaysia, #Pilot #Captain #Sanjay  #Committed, #Suicide,  #AirAsia_Airlines, #Flying,  #Job, #Kluang, #Johor, #MH

Indigo Pilot Capt Preet Mohinder Singh dies in Road Accident in Hyderabad

Indigo Pilot dies in Road Accident in Hyderabad     A Pilot of Indigo Airlines Capt Preet Mohinder Singh   Indigo Pilot dies in road accident in Hyderabad Hyderabad: A Pilot of Indigo Airlines died after involving a car accident while he was on his way to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad on Monday morning. Mahendar Singh was heading to the airport from Gachibowli when his car met with the accident on Outer Ring Road (ORR). His death was instantaneous. Passersby alerted the police who shifted the body to a hospital for post-mortem. Meanwhile, Mahendar Singh's driver was found to be injured seriously and was shifted to hospital. The police registered a case and launched an investigation. Two weeks ago, a senior IPS officer had suffered injuries in the road accident in Hyderabad. VV Srinivas Rao was injured after his car turned turtle on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Rao who is in-charge of TS police academy was returning home when the accident took place at Manc