Fly High and Make Your Dreams come true, with Cabin Crew Career Guide.

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Fly High and Make Your Dreams come true, with Cabin Crew Career Guide

Most of the Young Guys / Girls aspire to become something that they are passionate about and like to stand out and become independent by themselves, what I came across is among them there are people who love traveling. Flying is a dream for most the people and the combination of flying and traveling to the different place is being a pilot, air hostess and one can actually choose it as a profession and live their dreams in actual life.
There has been a growing scenario in the aviation industries lately, many institutions are also coming up with the courses that will help to become a successful Air Hostess, these Air Hostesses are also known as the Flight Attendants or cabin crew. In the year 1912 a German Heinrich Kubis the first flight attendant. Ellen Church was the first female flight attendant who was 25- year old employed by United Airlines in the year 1930. This was the history from where it all started.

People who are traveling in flight could be first-timers or people who have to go abroad but then scared of flights because of heights there may be many such reasons in order to make our journey more comfortable and make us feel free these flight attendants or cabin crew ensure our total safety from the time we enter the flight till we get down, each and specific need is taken care of each passenger. An air hostess should be knowing how to deal with a wide range of people and should be really patient and be polite to all the passengers however they may be reacting but the situations should be taken a good care.

Responsibilities of air hostess are such as greets passengers and show them their seats, attending a pre-flight briefing, if there are any questions by the passengers she should answer them politely, serving refreshments and meals, should prepare a flight report, and also provide them any kind of health care if needed. These are very important duties that a cabin crew must take care.

Most of them know these duties but they don’t know from where to start and learn how to actually work, and get selected as a member in cabin crew a book names “Cabin crew career guide” written by Pragathi Srivatsava and Capt. Shekhar Gupta which is in universal language English and costs rupees  699 INR, $99 USD.

This book deals with many sub-topics such as the basic necessities that an individual may be having when she wants to pursue her career in the aviation industry as a member of cabin crew. There are many advantages that a flight attendant can obtain such as traveling to different places and explore the world and meet different people and know about different cultures all around the world. In order to get selected one should be able o crack the interview this guide will help you in the best possible way and guides you and makes you ready for the questions that interviewers may ask you and how to answer in such a way that they will get impressed and hire you. Training such as safety, first aid, service is also given in this book which can save you a lot of time rather attending different coaching classes to learn them. Overall this book is the best to get yourself prepared beforehand in all the current trends that are taking and your promotion possibilities, etc.

Topics it deals in the book “Cabin Crew Career Guide” are:

1. What does this book talk about

2. Who is a Cabin Crew
3. Profile of a Cabin Crew

4. Searching for prospective employers
5. Air Hostess Training Institutes
6. Resume making
7. Preparation for the interview
8. Rounds of the Interview
9. Cracking the tough nut – Interview
10. After the interview

11. Dos and Don’ts
12. Frequently asked questions
13. Cabin Crew Airline Training
14. Safety Training
15. First- Aid Training
16. Service Training
17. Passing the Exams!
18. Acquiring the flying license
19. Flying as a Cabin Crew
20. Traits of being a perfect Cabin Crew
21. Stages In the process of promotion
22. Layovers, Travel and more
23. Career avenues for experienced Cabin Crewmembers
24. Flying as a Cabin Crew – International Airlines
25. Package of pay!
26. Current trend of the Aviation Industry


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By: Akkumahanthi Sowmya
      BBA Second year, Bhavan's
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Reasons for a Downfall in the Profession, Aviation

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Reasons for a Downfall in the Profession, Aviation.

 Being a Pilot was the common answer by small kids especially boys when asked, what they want to become after growing big? Flying up in the sky and traveling fascinated all these people to prefer pilot as a profession but then the count has come down slowly for a number of reasons. There was a good scope for students as well who wanted pursue aeronautical engineering started deteriorating day by day. There are many reasons for this some of them can be listed as follows

·       The amount pilots receive amount comparatively less than that is shown in an average for example in the survey conducted in 2014 average pilot income is said to be $75000 but then when it comes into the hand of the pilot it becomes $21000.

·       As pilots tend to travel a lot they won't be having enough time with their families. Travelling could be fun for a certain point of time once that individual gets to make his or her own family and not able to make time for them may be causing problems among themselves.

·       There is always a wrong impression on pilots by common people, they may be thinking that as pilots get to travel exotic destination they won't get a chance to visit them. All they get to do is get a hotel room with a view of an airport and get relaxed or sometimes they won't even get enough time to shower, eat, and be ready for their next duty.

·       Delays of flight is the post-common announcement we get to hear sometimes maybe half n hours or even for next 6 hours and the weather is so unpredictable sometimes they have to delay it more than 6 even. Pilots also get annoyed because of the delays. Firstly if there is any delay time they get very less time for taking rest and getting ready for the next duty and second is they get paid for actual flight hours. That indicates you are at work but then you are not paid for the time that you have been waiting.

·       Most of the time spent by the pilots is in a place called ‘crash pads’ its a temporary housing facility provided for all the pilots.these are the places where pilots get to sleep if they don’t have any duty. Its a place near an airport so that they can get better sleep than wasting their time in traveling to their actual houses.

·       As there are many people who would be working for the airlines' company they may not be recognizing each one of them the community circle is very tight.

·       All the pilots should be extremely careful regarding consumption of alcohol. There is saying for all the aviators that are ‘eight hours bottle to throttle’  for some it can be twelve hours even. This means that after having alcohol a pilot must not enter into the cockpit for next eight hours or twelve hours.

·       People fly to places those days which happen to be Christmas season or summers and this time pilots don’t get a chance to take leaves and visit their families as their demand is more and cannot afford any day off. 

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By: Akkumahanthi Sowmya
      BBA Second year, Bhavan's
Twitter: @sowmya_12

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