Jet Airways's 250 Boeing-737 Pilot Applys for the Job of Pilot of SpiceJet

जेट एयरवेज के 250 बोइंग -737 पायलट ने स्पाइसजेट के पायलट की नौकरी के लिए अपील की
Jet Airways's 250 Boeing-737 Pilot Applys for the Job of Pilot of SpiceJet
About 250 Jet Airways Pilots, who fly Boeing 737, Boeing 737 NG (new generation, not Max)

About 250 pilots of Jet Airways who fly Boeing 737 NG (new generation, not Max) appeared on Wednesday for an interview organized by low cost carriers in Mumbai. There were 150 captains between the pilots. SpiceJet also operates the B737, which was the main basis for the operation of the jet, unless a serious financial crisis was on nearly two-thirds of its fleet. Pilots of Jet, three months' salary for aircraft engineers and senior management are outstanding. The airline's Pilot has said that they will stop flying from April 1, unless their balance is cleared or an intent is signed that they will be approved.
 Sources said that around 250 pilots, including 150 Captains, will be held in Mumbai on Wednesday. Jet Airways Pilots have also …

Due to Jet Airways Crisis Air Fare Gone Up

Due to the sudden cancellation of flights, the space for passengers in the ships started to fall, due to which the air fare increased overnight. Tickets for some hours prior to flight for routes like Mumbai-Delhi, Mumbai-Bangalore, Mumbai-Kolkata and Mumbai-Chennai have doubled compared to the same time last year. For all the Mumbai-Chennai tickets, the rent of all the companies increased to Rs. 26,073 against the previous year's Rs. 5,369. EcoGogo CEO and Co-Founder Alok Bajpai told the Mumbai Mirror, "With the Holi as well as summer holidays approaching, the prices of air tickets will continue to increase."

Hitting Passengers
Due to lack of lease rent, Jet Airways  ties have to be removed from their 23 aircraft service in March alone. The result of this is the loss of air travelers. Now, any company has to spend Rs 15,518 on the journey of Mumbai-Delhi flight, whereas in March last year, the ticket was worth 6,577 rupees. Similarly, instead of Rs 5,369 for the Mumbai-Che…