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Many Pilots and Cabin Crew Lost Jobs in European Airlines

European Cockpit Crew  Association Pilots and Cabin Crew working as Self-Employed contractors on precarious contracts are discovering that they have reduced employment rights compared to directly employed personnel, according to the body representing 40,000 Pilots across Europe. In a statement, the European Cockpit Crew  Association said that with Aviation effectively grounded due to the Covid-19 virus, Airlines and employment agencies have told thousands of Aviation personnel that their employment agreement is terminated and that their last salary may not be paid. The ECA estimates that almost 20% of Pilots in Europe operate on precarious contracts, or working through a temporary work agency as supposedly self employed. It claims that some are on zero hours contracts with no minimum pay guaranteed, and no access to the protections and rights that direct employees enjoy. It also estimates that younger Pilots will be affected disproportionately by the current crisis - as up to


HANDLING OF DANGEROUS GOOD- PEF Cargo is considered to be one of the most fascinating departments of the aviation industry.  Cargo department is a field where the employees are challenged everyday facing new situations every day.  Antonov An-225 Mriya  is the largest air cargo plane in the world and can take up to 640 tons of weight. This flight has current world record for a single-item air-lifted payload for carrying a gas power station generator weighing 418,834 pounds. It also once air-lifted payload 559,577 pounds, creating another world record for the same. Currently top 20 cargo carriers according to AW are as following 1.       FedEx 2.       UPS Airlines 3.       Korean Air 4.       Emirates 5.       Cathay Pacific Airways 6.       United Airlines 7.       China Airlines 8.       Singapore Airlines 9.       China Eastern Airlines 10.                          Air China 11.                          China Southern Airlines 12.