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Free Kids Airplane Workshop

Free Kids Airplane Workshop [5 days a week for Two Weeks]    In Association with Present Free Kids Airplane Workshop  Know about  14 Airplane  in just 14 Days   [5 days a week for Two Weeks]  Certificate of Succesful Participation  as well.  So what are you waiting for?  Mentor panel includes Many Pilots, AirHostess, All India IIM Toppers too  Age Group :6 Years To 16 Years  [Class 4Th to Class 11Th] Only Registration :   Tour Start: 20 June July 2022 Onwards.   Certificates:   Time:  TBD Through:  Google Meet Application  Dept :  Free Kids Airplane Workshop 1. Full Name----------------- 2. Date of Birth---------------- 3. City ------------------- 4. Dad's Name : --------------    5. Mom's Name -------------- 6. School  -------------------- 7. Email : 8. WhatsApp :

DGCA Reviews All Flying Training Organisations In India Suspends 3 Chief Flight Instructors #Capt Wamsi #Capt Shakti #Capt Buddhiraja

 DGCA Reviews  All Flying Training Organisations In India  Suspends 3  Chief Flight Instructors   #Capt Wamsi #Capt Shakti #Capt Buddhiraja  DGCA Reviews 32 Flying Training Organisations; Suspends 3  Chief Flight Instructors The Indian Aviation Regulator DGCA said it has audited 32 of the total 32 Flight Training Organizations (FTOs) in India. March 20 and found them violating several safety regulations. As a result, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has suspended the approval of one FTO, issued warning letters to two Accountable Managers, and 3 Certified Flying Instructors (CFIs), Two Deputy CFIs and an Assistant Flying Instructor (AFI). are suspended.  TheDGCA  found in audit that "the facilities at the  Airfield / Training organization are not being maintained as per the requirements - the runway surface was eroded, the air sack was found to be torn or non-standard." The DGCA said the aircraft was being operated with faulty or unusable equipment such as fuel