Meet Captain Krithi Shetty Pilot IndiGo, the First Female Airbus 320 Captain from Bunt Karnataka, India

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Meet Captain Krithi Shetty Pilot IndiGo, the First Female Airbus 320 Captain from Bunt Karnataka, India

Where there is a will, there is a way- perhaps this adage is true in case of Captain Krithi IR Shetty. This Mangalorean Airbus A 320 Pilot who got a Commercial Pilot License at the age of 18, has today not only made her community, but the entire India feel proud.

Captain Krithi IR Shetty. who is working for Indigo Airlines is now a Commander on Airbus 320 and is the first Woman Airline Pilot from the Bunt community to achieve this feat. Captain Krithi IR Shetty.  was presented Four Stripe Applets by Capt. SK Bhalla, Examiner, Indigo Airlines. She had earlier received her Commercial Pilot Licence after she completed training in Single Engine Cessna 172 and Multi-Engine Aircrafts PA 34 in India, US and Australia.
Daughter of Mr Innaa  Gabaragutu I R  Shety,  a working Chartered Accountant and Kodialguttu Kavitha Shetty, Krithi says she was inspired by several women Pilots who resided in their apartment complex in Mumbai. It was their discipline and time consciousness that attracted Krithi more than anything else and motivated her to take up pilot training. Along with this, She has also completed her post graduation in commerce with a first class.

Captain Krithi IR Shetty who has achieved a rare feat through her determination and will power, is a role model to many young women of the district to take a road less traveled.

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Meet Captain Krithi Shetty, the first female Captain from Bunt Karnataka, India

Capt Krithi Shetty


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