Becoming a Pilot: Licenses, Training, and Requirements

 Becoming a Pilot: Licenses, Training, and Requirements

A pilot is a trained professional who manages the aircraft while ensuring the safety of the crew and passengers. He or She may fly passengers or freight from one point to another. They could also work for a company that offers charter flights. 

There are Different type of Pilots you want to aspire:

1. Airline Transport Pilots: These are the pilots who fly commercial jets for private airlines and transport customers.

2. Private Pilots:  Those who can afford a private aircraft like to have access to private pilots at all times.

3. Sports Pilots: They must fly below 10,000 feet and mostly within a specific range.

4. Flight instructors: They work for a training company and are in charge of teaching other aspiring pilots how to fly.

5. Air Force Pilots: Trained by the country's air force, they are professionals in flying armed planes for the defence ministry.

License to become pilot: 

1. Private Pilot License (PPL): This License allows a person to fly small jets and private planes. They are unable to fly commercial aircraft. 

2. Certified Flight Instructor (CFL): This license allows a person to give flying lessons in flight training institutes. They pass on their expertise to others and also trains other pilots.

3. Commercial Pilot License (CPL): After the 12th grade, the most in-demand license to become a pilot is the CPL. Individuals who have Commercial Pilot License may operate large airline commercial jets. 

Training to become pilot: 

1. Private Pilot License: It involves theoretical knowledge training, flight instruction, and a minimum number of flight hours, typically ranging from 40 to 70 hours, depending on the country and aviation authority.

2. Instrument Rating (IR): After acquiring the PPL, many pilots pursue an instrument rating (IR). It allows you to fly in adverse weather conditions and navigate solely by reference to instruments. The training includes additional theoretical knowledge and flight hours under instrument flight rules (IFR). 

3. Commercial Pilot License: To obtain a CPL, you must meet the minimum flight hour requirements that is around 200 hours and complete additional theoretical knowledge training, and pass practical flight exams.

4. Flight School Training: To complete the required flight training, aspiring pilots enroll in flight schools or aviation academies. These institutions offer structured training programs that combine theoretical classroom instruction with hands-on flight experience under the guidance of certified flight instructors.


1. Educational requirements:

 Candidates interested in becoming pilots should have a Bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Engineering, Aircraft Operations, or a similar field.

Students from any other science stream can apply for this course; but, in order to work in this field, they must first complete an aviation degree.

Every pilot must have a pilot transformation certificate and instrument rating certification. Students must get a commercial pilot license.

2.  Age and Medical Requirements: The minimum age to obtain a private pilot license is 17, while the minimum age for a commercial pilot license is usually 18 or 21, again it depends upon the country. You must pass a thorough medical examination conducted by an aviation medical examiner (AME) to ensure you meet the physical and mental fitness standards set by the aviation authorities.

3. Physical Requirements: Everything is the same for both the genders, only height is different that is male (163.5 cms) and female (162.5), Vision - 6/6 in one eye and 6/9 in the other, Leg Length - 99 cms - 120 cms, Thigh Length -64 cms, Sitting Height- 81.5 cms - 96 cms. 

Becoming a pilot is one of the most exciting career prospects available to current job seekers. Between the excitement of taking to the skies on a regular basis, to making connections with fellow pilots, it’s no wonder why so many people are curious about what it takes to become a pilot.

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