HRIS, Human Resource Information System.

HRIS, Human Resource Information System

Human resource information system(HRIS) is also known as human resource management system(HRMS). HRIS is basically a combination of human resources and information technology, through HR software. The activities that take place will be here by done electronically with the help of HRIS. We can also say that a company can run its activities may be big or small like human resources, accounting, management, and payroll.

The primary application of HRIS is the application of technology for enhancing the efficiency of human resource management. HRIS basically helps the organization to maintain its expenditure the costs that the company is incurring and having a check so that there won't be any kind of problem in the near future. HRIS ensures the collection of data, storage, and distribution of HR-related information in a paperless work environment. Major decisions that are taken in the organization for the welfare of its company as well as its human resources the source of information is provided by HRIS, it played a key role in the process of decision making.

HRIS basically provides a solution to many of the problems in the company such as training, payroll, HR, compliance and recruiting. There is a wide range of features available with flexible designs and that is making HRIS used in most of the organizations. Information that would be provided would properly be analyzed and interpreted and then used accordingly for their purpose. As the usage of HRIS os totally on the system software there need not be any kind of paper burden on employees they can share information with the help of web links, time can be properly managed in an efficient manner with the help of HRIS.

The major component of HRIS is the recruitment and retention. There are a number of talents and potentialities in the people out their all we need to do id acquiring those people in the company and retaining them and giving them a proper guidance so that eventually they will help the company to achieve its goals and objectives. Once they are given training and if at all they excel their assigned work they should also be compensated with the good amount of appreciation and recognition that will help the employees to build their morale and make them motivated. All these qualities can be done by evaluating their performances with the help of HRIS database. 

By: Akkumahanthi Sowmya
      BBA Second year, Bhavan's
Twitter: @sowmya_12



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