Reasons for a Downfall in the Profession, Aviation

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Reasons for a Downfall in the Profession, Aviation.

 Being a Pilot was the common answer by small kids especially boys when asked, what they want to become after growing big? Flying up in the sky and traveling fascinated all these people to prefer pilot as a profession but then the count has come down slowly for a number of reasons. There was a good scope for students as well who wanted pursue aeronautical engineering started deteriorating day by day. There are many reasons for this some of them can be listed as follows

·       The amount pilots receive amount comparatively less than that is shown in an average for example in the survey conducted in 2014 average pilot income is said to be $75000 but then when it comes into the hand of the pilot it becomes $21000.

·       As pilots tend to travel a lot they won't be having enough time with their families. Travelling could be fun for a certain point of time once that individual gets to make his or her own family and not able to make time for them may be causing problems among themselves.

·       There is always a wrong impression on pilots by common people, they may be thinking that as pilots get to travel exotic destination they won't get a chance to visit them. All they get to do is get a hotel room with a view of an airport and get relaxed or sometimes they won't even get enough time to shower, eat, and be ready for their next duty.

·       Delays of flight is the post-common announcement we get to hear sometimes maybe half n hours or even for next 6 hours and the weather is so unpredictable sometimes they have to delay it more than 6 even. Pilots also get annoyed because of the delays. Firstly if there is any delay time they get very less time for taking rest and getting ready for the next duty and second is they get paid for actual flight hours. That indicates you are at work but then you are not paid for the time that you have been waiting.

·       Most of the time spent by the pilots is in a place called ‘crash pads’ its a temporary housing facility provided for all the pilots.these are the places where pilots get to sleep if they don’t have any duty. Its a place near an airport so that they can get better sleep than wasting their time in traveling to their actual houses.

·       As there are many people who would be working for the airlines' company they may not be recognizing each one of them the community circle is very tight.

·       All the pilots should be extremely careful regarding consumption of alcohol. There is saying for all the aviators that are ‘eight hours bottle to throttle’  for some it can be twelve hours even. This means that after having alcohol a pilot must not enter into the cockpit for next eight hours or twelve hours.

·       People fly to places those days which happen to be Christmas season or summers and this time pilots don’t get a chance to take leaves and visit their families as their demand is more and cannot afford any day off. 

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