Jet Airways I Ltd Many Sr. Pilots threaten to ground Beleaguered Airline

Fresh Trouble for Jet Airways I Ltd Many Sr. Pilots threaten to ground Beleaguered Airline
The Pilots stated in an internal communication, 
"If the promise is not fulfilled this month, we must not fly and stop unconditional support to 9W Flights...
Majority of Mumbai and Delhi based Pilots have decided not to fly if the commitment is not fulfilled by February 28."
In November, Jet Airways had assured all its Pilots that the Jet Airways I Ltd would clear all pending dues by January and had even outlined a Good Payment Schedule. 
But the Pilots, who have not been paid Salary since August last year when Jet's financial troubles came to the fore, allege, "Nothing has changed so far. 

In the past the money was coming in 25% installments and now it will be paid 50% in one go! 

Imagine those Pilots who are on low budgets and have so many Commitments to fulfill."

Jet Airways Ltd did not respond to the Financial  Issue query till the time of going to the press.

Jet Airways I Ltd is just awaiting for upcoming Lok Sabha General Elections in India. 

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