How to Join Airline Industry

 How to Join Airline Industry

      The Aviation sector has been providing numerous job opportunities to graduates in India. In the past, in case of India, there weren’t many courses that focused on the aviation sector and groomed students to take on roles in that sector. Usually, Graduates of any discipline used to apply for aviation jobs. They used to get trained after they were selected after an interview. At present, things have changed! There are many aviation sector oriented courses present, which cater to the needs of the aviation Industry

I will list some of the best Aviation field related courses, which students may pursue after finishing either their 12th standard or graduate.

Note- that career prospects and the possibility of landing a high paying job in Aviation sector depends a lot on the quality of the Institute from which you pursue the course. Yes, type of course and aptitude of the candidate also plays a huge role. Make sure that you research well about an Institute/College, before taking admission in it. The first thing you should check is whether the Institute you are interested is approved and recognized by the appropriate authorities or not! Before selecting a particular course, make sure that you have the aptitude and ability to thrive in the role associated with that course.


It is a 3 years long Undergraduate management program. The good news is that many B.B.A. programs allows students to specialize in certain area/discipline. In our case, it is a program that focuses on the running and management of an Airport. If one is keen on improving one’s qualifications, then he/she may also go for an M.B.A. Degree after completing this B.B.A. program.

B.B.A. in Airport Management trains students to take on Managerial and Administrative posts in an Airport. The course material covers subjects like-

·         Introduction to Airport Management

·         Human Resource Management

·         Accounting

·         Financial Management

·         Marketing

·         Safety Management

Job Roles

·         Airport Manager

·         Administrator

·         Staff Manager

·         Safety Officer



This is a Diploma course that lasts 1 year and focuses solely on the area of Airport Management. While it does a better job in dealing with the technical details, when compared to B.B.A. program, I must also admit that this Diploma Degree doesn’t possess as much value as the B.B.A. program does. A good way to solve this problem is by going for a Post Graduate Diploma in Airport Management after finishing any Graduation course!

Important subjects covered in Diploma in Airport Management course are-

·         Airport Strategy and Functioning

·         Cargo Management and Handling

·         Staff Management

·         Safety and Security Management



Among the many jobs that the Aviation sector provides, this one has to be the most glamorous as well as rewarding one! But Commercial Pilot training is very costly! On the other hand, once finished, this course will ensure that you land a well rewarding job!

If you are keen to become a Commercial Pilot, do go through this guide about how to become a Commercial Pilot. The course involves practical training as well as theoretical subjects. At the end of the program, successful candidates will be awarded CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence).


This Diploma course is aimed at training students to take on roles of Air Hostess, Steward on Flights. The course duration varies, but is generally 6 months or 1 year long. Some important subjects taught in this course are-

·         Communication Skills

·         Customer Services

·         In Flight training

·         Safety and First Aid procedures

·         Food and Beverage production and serving



Hospitality has become an indispensable element, no matter what Industry we are dealing with. Aviation sector is no different, it too requires qualified and skilled professionals, who are capable of taking care of Hospitality needs of the Aviation sector. The course duration is 1 year. Important subjects covered in this course are-

·         Introduction to Aviation Hospitality

·         Communications Skills

·         Management

·         Food and Beverage production

·         Foreign Languages

·         Front Office operations

·         Computer and IT skills



A technical course that lasts 4 years, BE/B Tech Degree in Aeronautical Engineering will help you land a job related to the Aviation sector. Aeronautical Engineering is all about designing, manufacturing and maintaining Aircraft! 


BSc in Aviation is a 3 years long Undergraduate Degree program. This course covers topics such as Air Regulations, Navigation, Meteorology, Aircraft and Engine, Air Traffic Control, Aviation Security, Flight Safety and Crew Management. After pursuing this course, successful candidates may take up jobs such as Air Traffic Controller, Ground operations staff, Cargo management staff, Ticketing staff etc.


This course will suit those who want to take up a ground duty job. It is a Diploma certificate course. Course duration could be anywhere between 6 months to 1 year. This course is available in part time as well as full time formats. The course covers topics such as- Airline codes, ticketing terminology, Electronic ticketing, Passport and Visas, Foreign Exchange, Airfares and ticketing software. After pursuing this course, one will be able to find job in the ticketing department.


AME is a 3 years long technical training course. Academic program is 2½ years long. After the academic program, students also have to go through 6 months long internship program. On successfully completing academic program and internship, one will be awarded AME license by the DGCA.

Aircraft maintenance engineers deal with inspection, maintenance and servicing of aircraft. Licensed AME professionals are usually hired by Government Airline as well as Private Airlines. Aviation Organizations, Aircraft maintenance firms and Flying Schools are also known to recruit them.



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