Free Kids Airplane Workshop

Free Kids Airplane Workshop

[5 days a week for Two Weeks]  

In Association with


Free Kids Airplane Workshop 

Know about  14 Airplane  in just 14 Days  

[5 days a week for Two Weeks] 

Certificate of Succesful Participation 

as well. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Mentor panel includes Many Pilots, AirHostess, All India IIM Toppers too 

Age Group :6 Years To 16 Years 

[Class 4Th to Class 11Th] Only

Registration : 

Tour Start: 20 June July 2022 Onwards.  


Time:  TBD

Through:  Google Meet


Dept :  Free Kids Airplane Workshop

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2. Date of Birth----------------

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4. Dad's Name : --------------   

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