Careers at Etihad Airways

Careers at Etihad Airways 

Careers at Etihad Airways 

We are looking for people who are passionate about aviation, passionate about our aims and objectives, and love to work in a friendly and transparent environment.  Our teams help us to deliver a unique travel experience for our guests. If that sounds like an organisation you feel you can contribute to, get in touch with us. 

Careers at Etihad Airways 

Our Recruitment Process

We believe recruitment is a two-way process, we want to make sure we hire the best person for the job and you want to make sure Etihad and the career opportunity are the right choices for you!

Our four-step process

It's structured to help both parties achieve their goals.

1) Application

You can search for career opportunities on our Careers site and apply online – we try to keep the application process simple, but we do need to gather enough information to help us understand your skills and interests.

Before you apply, here’re a few things to think about:

   What are your long-term career goals and interests?

    Does the opportunity you’re looking at, fit in with those goals and interests?

    Do you meet the minimum criteria for the role?

    Are you committed to living in the base location?

    Are you ready to commit to the recruitment process?

Please only apply for the role if your answer to most of these questions is a strong YES – it’ll increase your chances of success.

Once you’re done applying, we’ll send you a message confirming that we’ve received your application!

2) Screening

We’ll review your application along with all the others we receive and pick the top profiles for a screening call.

If you don’t get a call, please don’t be disappointed! We receive many applications for each role and have to prioritize who we speak to.

We will make sure we reach out to let you know that your application won’t be moving forward to the next stage.

Made it to the screening call?

Great! Congratulations! This is where we’ll have a chat about the role, explain our recruitment process to you and ask you a few preliminary questions to help us better understand your profile and its fit to the role.

If we think you’re a good fit after the call, we’ll send your profile and application to the Hiring Manager for review.

If the Hiring Manager is interested, you’ll move forward to the assessment stage.

If not, we’ll make sure we let you know, either personally or by email.

3) Assessment

We use multiple assessment techniques to better understand your fit to the role as well as the Etihad culture, values and ways of working. All our assessments are designed to understand your potential in three key areas:

Technical Skills:

What is your performance record in the areas of expertise (capabilities and knowledge) relevant to the role?

Business Skills:

How well do you fit in to the Etihad culture, our ways of working as well as our values and corporate behaviour?


What are your professional and personal reasons for interest in the opportunity?

The actual assessments will vary according the role but may include:

English Language Tests: to understand your proficiency in basic interaction required for work

    Reasoning Tests: to understand you verbal, numeric and abstract reasoning ability

    Psychometric Profile: you complete a questionnaire to help us understand your preferred ways of working

    Competency Interviews: structured interviews to understand your technical, soft skills and motivation

    Business Tests: a challenge or exercise that is relevant to the role

Along the way, you’ll also get to meet people from the Etihad family, see our offices and find out more about the role.

4) Offer

Once we complete the Assessment process for all ‘short-listed’ candidates, our recruitment team will review their insights with the Hiring Manager and choose their preferred candidate.

If you’ve been successful, we will present you with a conditional offer of employment before moving onto the Onboarding Process.

If you haven’t been successful, we’ll let you know and try our best to share our reasons with you and give you pointers to develop yourself for the future.

It’s important that we hire the best talent who are motivated and will thrive at Etihad. And that takes time to do, especially when everyone involved has a busy daily agenda. So, please be patient and know that we will keep you informed of your status.

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