Difference between Successful and Unsuccessful Person

Difference between Successful and Unsuccessful Person

Successful People take a chance and ask for what they want; Unsuccessful People are afraid of failure. ... 

"If we don't ask for what we want we think on some level that we can't fail; we can't get rejected," 

Successful People Don’t  Avoid  Challenges

UnSuccessful People avoid Challenges

Successful People see failure as an Opportunity

Successful People see Failure as  Loss

Successful People focus only on Problems   

Successful People focus on Problem-Solving  

UnSuccessful People don't have  time to Self-improvement

Successful People dedicate time to Self-Improvement

UnSuccessful People Don't Believe in themselves and  Give-up so soon

Successful People believe in themselves and Don’t Give up

UnSuccessful People Don't have any Work Ethic

Successful People have a Strong Work Ethic


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