DA20-C1 is a utility and trainer aircraft designed and manufactured by Diamond Aircraft Industries, for military and civilian flight training. Development of the DA20-C1 started in 1998(1). The DA20-C1 is a new version of the DA20 utility and trainer aircraft and is developed based on the HK36 Super Dimona aircraft.
The first DA20-A1 was powered by a Rotax 912 engine that produced 80 hp, the same engine that powered the HK36 Super Dimona. Also in 1995, the DA20-A1 received the Flying Eagle Award from Flying Magazinefor best light aircraft.(2)
One of its most unique characteristics of the DA20 is that it is a fully composite aircraft. The wings and fuselage are of a semi-monocoque glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) and the bulkhead and wing spars are made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). Choosing these composite materials for this aircraft provides an overall, light weight and a very strong structure. There isn’t a single seam because of this material choice as well, which greatly reduces drag and improves efficiency. The DA20-A1, for example, originally only had 80 hp to pull it through the air and was still able to cruise at a respectable 117 ktas using a 75% power setting and an altitude of 7,500 feet. Efficiency is also increased by the relatively large 35 foot 7-inch wingspan which, is a full 2 feet 3 inches longer than its most comparable North American flight training competitors, the Cessna 150 and 152.(2)
 The new version features a damage-tolerant airframe design made of composite construction. It is capable of operating in challenging high density altitude conditions, and requires lesser acquisition and operating costs. The DA20-C1 trainer aircraft is powered by TCM IO-240-B3B engine, which generates a power of 125hp. The single aluminium fuel tank can carry 93lt of fuel. The propulsion system also consists of Sensenich two-blade fixed pitch propeller, engine pre-heater system and an optional MT 2 blade fixed pitch propeller.(1)

 TYPE: Utility and trainer aircraft
MANUFACTURER: Diamond Aircraft Industries
LENGTH:7.16mheight of 2.18m
 wing span :10.87m,
 wing area : 11.61m².
 empty weight : 528kg
 maximum take-off weight ;800kg,
payload : 272kg.


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