Pilots’ Mental Health: a New Crisis Post Covid19 Era

Pilots’ Mental Health: a New Crisis Post Covid19 Era

Covidification Of Aviation  [Aviation Cohabitatio]


Covidification Of Aviation 

Pilots’ Mental Health: a New Crisis Post Covid19 Era Aviation Cohabitation

In mid-2020, as the severity of the COVID-19 Pandemic steadily increased, we caught a glimpse of another imminent Crisis: the Mental Health of Pilots.

Around the world, Pilots faced layoffs, pay cuts and non-existent flight hours. It was not long ago when these developments took a serious toll on their wellbeing. As the Aviation industry dealt with the most challenging event of its history, the companies cut their losses, perhaps not realizing how much it would affect their people.

Safety and Mental Health: the latest Crisis of Aviation?

Security and Mental Health crises can be reduced to the horizon, while Aviation fights the CoronoVirus Pandemic.

One year later and it can be said that the industry has a lot of time to evaluate the situation and implement appropriate measures. But has it risen to the challenge? And what has changed in the last one year?

A New Normal

In the early months of the Pandemic, everyone was waiting for things to return to normal. This trend has disappeared. IATA has been more pessimistic than ever; Airlines are adding one more year to their recovery predictions; And no one waits for a miracle anymore.

Meanwhile, the same problems persist. At the onset of the Pandemic, the shortage of Pilots turned into a surplus - an army of highly qualified professionals with nothing to do. According to recruitment expert Christina Matitika g-Repsienne at AeroTime Recruitment, the Pilots struggled to find opportunities.

The situation has hardly changed. Although we feel a bit of recovery, countless Pilots still have no jobs. Even more uncertainty is compounded by the fact that, for many, a year has passed without flight. This creates a lot of pressure. "

Prior to the Crisis, many Airlines required that the Pilot's last flight was within the last 12 months. For the multitude of Pilots since last year, even a full field recovery would mean that there is a lot of difficulties in rehearsing due to skill decay and uncertainty over recruitment practices.

Those who have been fortunate enough to occupy their jobs have likely felt the impact of industry-wide pay cuts. In some Airlines, Pilots reduced their salaries by between 20% and 70% or more, causing conflict between trade unions and companies, which did not always end in favor of the Pilots.

The only positive change between the first months of the Pandemic and now, for some, was the disappearance of schedules, at least inappropriately. In its initial report on the deteriorating state of Mental Health of Pilots, the European Pilot Peer Support Initiative (EPPSI) increased the workload as the most pressing issue due to increased cargo operations and emergency flights. With the reduction in emergency operations, this issue has been resolved. But this was replaced, at least in part, with the international shipping of the vaccine which was its own set of challenges.

Effects on Pilot's Mental Health

Position Pilots should be viewed in a broader context. The worldwide lockdown resulted in an unprecedented increase in misery and anxiety. Add to this that there are unique challenges for the Aviation industry, and this should come as a bit of surprise, according to a report published by the Live Experience and Wellness Project of the University of Dublin, in which more than half of the Pilots in the study reported mild depression. Met a limit. .

Meanwhile, less than a quarter of Aviation workers said they received support from their employers to manage their well-being and Mental Health. Some 92% said they needed this help.

"This is completely unsatisfactory. In times of great need, very little has been done.

Nevertheless, some efforts have been made at the government level to deal with these issues. In December 2020, several European countries signed a declaration for a "socially responsible" COVID-19 recovery, which is suffering the industry the most while maintaining uncertainty and under-ethical practices.

But the impact of these initiatives is difficult to assess, unlike the impact of practices designed to prevent this. In April 2021, the European Cockpit Association (ECA), a major Pilot labor union, began publishing the shame of anti-labor practices, which is influential in its scope and depth. A look at that list puts into perspective government efforts and shows the need to do much more.

Most of the cases listed in the ECA's Hall of Sharm include unusual employment schemes such as making Pilots self-employed, payments on zero-hour contracts or pay-to-fly (P2F) schemes, aimed at mitigating the Pandemic. All measures from - According to the ECA, losses induced to the Airline, misuse of the conditions of Pilots.

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Pilots’ Mental Health A New Crisis Post Covid19 Era 
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