Etihad Airways will no longer Operate Boeing 777-300ER Jet Aircrafts

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Etihad Airways will no longer Operate Boeing 777-300ER Jet Aircrafts

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Etihad Airways to ground its Boeing 777-300ER and A380s Etihad Airways has stated that they are no longer going to operate their Boeing 777-300ER jets. They have also planned to ground its 10 Airbus A380s as well. 

Etihad Airways, the second flag carrier of the UAE is now focusing on being a more streamlined and focused airline from now on. The CEO, Tony Douglas stated at the World Aviation Festival that, “we have gone far too diversified when it came to fleet types to be operationally efficient” 

He also stated that “You will see of us, a very focused, a very disciplined operating model which is heavily built around the fleet of the 787 Dreamliner and A350-1000,” This would be mean that the airline is now going to streamline its business to make it more focused and transform the same into a boutique airline. 

The airline has also planned to ground 10 of its Airbus A380s “indefinitely”. As per the CEO, he believes that the flights are amazing as it is, but given the current situation of the aviation industry, he feels that they are no longer commercially sustainable. This is because the A380 fleet of Etihad has not flown much in 2020 and it is not showing much of a future as well. The CEO even though was reluctant to say it would never come back but the message was passed on loud and clear. This has been the impact of the pandemic on the Airline. 

Etihad is now going to be functioning mainly on its fleet of Dreamliners where, 40 of them are currently flying. The fleet being divided between 30 of 787-9 and a smaller fleet of 10 787-10s. Douglas believed that these are not just operationally efficient but are also contributing heavily to the Airline’s sustainability goals as well. Many Pilots Captain and First Officer  with Cabin Crew Members will be Unemployed due to this decision.

Donia Elizabeth 

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