Captain Pulkit Gupta Happy Birthday Bro

 “Sometimes, flying feels too God-like 

to be attained by man. 

Sometimes, the world from above seems 

too beautiful, too wonderful, 

too distant for human eyes to see.”

Captain Pulkit, the name itself dignifies how impactful his presence is. Pulkit means ‘Happy’ & ‘Thrilled’, and so are you, perfectly doing justice to your name.

He is the most ideal Pilot, 

[ask his Airlines]

He is the most ideal Son

[ask his parents]

He is the most ideal Husband

[ask his Wife]

He is the most ideal Dad  

[ask his Kids ]

He is the most ideal brother, 

[ask his Brother  / Sisters ]

He is the most ideal Student  in the Cockpit 

[ask his  Pilot Instructors ]

He is the most ideal Captain in the Cockpit 

[ask his Co-Pilots and Crew on board]

He is the most Ideal Friend, 

[ask his besties and friends]

And last but not least 

He is the most Ideal Human Being, 

ask anyone….

Your passion and dedication have got you to this place, you have earned everybody’s respect, and on this special day (Your B’day), We would like to thank you for doing good to others and staying with us, and making a change in this world.

Ye jo ham me tum me hai raabta

Khuda kare ye sadaa rahe.

Ye chiragh hai to jala rahe

Ye phool hai to khila rahe.

Tu jahan rahe khush rahe

Tere sath meri dua rahe.

Tu dua kare to qubool ho

Jo wafa kare to wasool ho.

Koi gham na tere qareeb ho

Tera jeevan khushi se bhara rahe.

Tu jahan chale saba chale

Tu jahan ruke bahaar ho.

Teri jis tarf bhi uthe nazar

KHUDA ki rehmat tujh py be-hisab ho.


  1. Hep birthday capt pulkit l wish many more yez to cum filled with joy and prosperity


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