Learning through Management / Corporate Aviation Game

Aircrew Aviation Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with 
Indore Management Association
Brings in
Learning through Management/Corporate Aviation Game
                    [Best suited for Engineering, B.tech, BBA, B Com, BCA, MBA, MCA Students]

ü Abstract:  

You are a Founder / Director of a 
Dream Airlines of USA

ü Make an Airlines Business Plan with a Team
Think Big
Think Out Of The Box
Open Your  Dreams,


ü Choose to be part of Board Of Directors [ Co-Founders]
(Any one)   
Director Operations
Director  HR
Director  Marketing
Director  Training
Director  FinTech
Chief Pilot

ü Skills Required
·        Learning attitude
·        Proactively stay out ahead of technology and trends
·        People management

ü Location
·        Work From Home 
ü Gender/ Age
·        Male/Female: 20-35 years
ü No of Team Members in one Group
·        Min 4 -  Max 20  
ü What Teams will Learn

1.     The Structural Plan
The Airline Planning Roadmap offers a conceptual sense of the necessary steps in launching an Airline from an Idea through launch.

2.     Business Plan Questions 
Provides a list of important questions to consider when writing the business plan.

3.     Framework /Outline of Business Plan

The Airline Business Plan Outline is a tool for capturing many of the important elements for successfully starting and operating an Airline. While it is not a comprehensive structure for all Airline concepts, it can serve as a starting framework for a business plan.

4.     Brand Positioning :  
Provides a list of steps to take to position your emerging brand based on your market analysis and a need to differentiate from existing competitors in whole United State of America and Canada

Note for the Dream Team:
Ø The game is about establishing a virtual Dream Company, it will go on for about 2-3 weeks.

Ø Each Dream team shall be provided 2-3 Invisible Mentors from Aviation Industry.

Ø Team members will not be given worksheets during the project

Ø There will be a separate WhatsApp group for one Dream Team members and frequent WhatsApp Chat/Meet will be held to discuss the above proposition.

Ø It is a part of internship but not mandatory.

Ø Charges per Group = Rs.10000/-shall be paid to Indore Management Association link.

Ø Last but not the least; it’s going to be a unique, creative, practical and mindful learning experience for every team member with lot of fun. It will enhance your learning ability, change perception, induce team work, reinforce corporate culture and motivate you to become an entrepreneur.

We are starting this game from 1st June 2020. All the team members shall provided E-certificates and IMA membership for the year 2020-21.

If interested, Kindly fill the following details :-
Group Lead Name and contact number:                                                    
No. of student in group:
Date and time of first meeting:

Name of student
Course Year
Mobile no.
WhatsApp no.
Email id
Institute name

Mr. Rahabar Raza – 8889996135 
Ms.Kratika Jain:      8889996138


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