Pilots you must be really lucky even if you are Flying

Pilots You Must Be Lucky and Happy Even If You Are Flying @Half_Salary  

How CoronaVirus is affecting the Airlines Industry :
1-Avianca- Bankruptcy declared by the 
world’s second-oldest airline: Avianca, one of Miami International Airport’s busiest carriers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (It is a legal procedure that allows a company to reorganize and complete a financial restructuring under the supervision of the justice system in the US. At the same time, the company continues its operation) in the US Southern District of New York on the 10th of May, 2020. To protect 21,000 jobs throughout the Latin America, Avianca filed for bankruptcy, the pandemic had cut more than 80% of its income and it was struggling with the high fixed costs. Covid-19 shook Avianca to its core. It will be a major hit to commercial aviation in Latin America.
2-Thai Airways- Thai Airways to file for
bankruptcy after suffering severe economic setbacks due to Covid-19. The nation has also endured an enormous drop in the travel industry, with the legislature having prohibited international trips since April and declaring on 16 May this would remain so through June, a move that further established the transporter's prior monetary hardships.
3-Virgin Australia-Nation’s second-largest airline, seeks bankruptcy protection amid coronavirus shutdown. Virgin is one of the principal significant carriers to look for insolvency insurance because of the pandemic. Virgin's chairmen have assumed responsibility for the organization and will attempt to work out an approach to spare either the organization or its business. 

The move came after the Australian government denied Virgin's request for a $888 million advance.
4-Ravn-Ravn files plan to liquidate, as bankruptcy proceeds. With 72 planes and around 1,300 representatives, Ravn served 115 Alaska people group and had been the main ordinary traveler carrier to more than 20 of them. At that point the coronavirus pandemic hit Alaska, with the main realized case revealed in mid-March. That constrained the state to confine about all movement between Alaska people group.

The two significant manufacturers Boeing and Airbus are facing drastic losses due to the pandemic-

Boeing- CEO of Boeing further added that it may take several years from commercial airlines to recover from the huge drop-off caused by the coronavirus pandemic, to stay afloat Boeing may need to borrow money and perform severe job and production cuts.

Airbus- Airbus solution to “bleeding cash at an unprecedented speed” is to furlough 3,200 staff from its north Wales site. The biggest aviation manufacturer placed more than 6000 workers in the United Kingdom and France on Government-funded furlough. Mr Faury the Chief Executive Officer also told Airbus’ 1,35,000 staff to brace for potentially deep job cuts. The sales of Airbus have drastically reduced as Airbus reduces jet production to cope with the coronavirus crisis.
My Dear Pilot Friends, You Must Be Lucky and Happy Even If You Are Flying. 

Happy Landings 

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