Job Opeanings for BA Pilots

 Job Opeanings for BA Pilots

It's great to see that British Airways is actively addressing gender imbalances within its workforce and is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity. The acknowledgment that talent is the key to success and that the company wants to work with the best people, regardless of gender, is a positive and inclusive message.

The commitment to increasing the representation of women in traditionally male-dominated roles, such as pilots, engineers, baggage handlers, and technicians, reflects a broader societal shift towards gender equality in various professions. By recognizing that half of its potential customers are women, British Airways is aligning its workforce with the diverse customer base it serves.

Promoting diversity not only fosters a more inclusive work environment but also brings a variety of perspectives and skills to the table, contributing to innovation and better decision-making. By actively seeking out and encouraging talented women to pursue careers in aviation, British Airways is taking a proactive stance in shaping a more equitable future for the industry.

It's important that organizations not only communicate these intentions but also implement policies and practices that support and encourage the recruitment, development, and advancement of women within the company. Continuous efforts to break down gender barriers and create a workplace where everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive will contribute to a more equal and diverse workforce.


Heathrow, United Kingdom

Career Area: 



Recruitment Process:

Teams Meetings: Teams meetings are scheduled at specified dates and times for interested individuals to discuss life at British Airways and BA Euroflyer and ask questions. The exact schedule is encouraged to be checked back for updates.

British Airways Family: Prospective candidates are urged to consider joining the British Airways Family during a pivotal time as the airline works towards building a Better BA. The airline values its rich history but is forward-looking, embodying the best of modern Britain.

Minimum Criteria:

Hold a UK Part-FCL Licence or meet EASA licence conversion requirements outlined by the UK CAA.

For BA Euroflyer, a minimum of 500 hours or 100 sectors on an aircraft type that satisfies ZFTT is required.

For British Airways short-haul, a minimum of 500 hours on the A320 is required.

For long-haul positions, more than 1500 hours on an aircraft type that satisfies ZFTT is required.

Application Process:

Once the application is started, candidates will be directed to the relevant campaign for additional details about the role and benefit package.

Pilots will become part of the British Airways Master Seniority List upon joining.


During screening and assessment, hours and ratings will be verified.

Long-haul suitability will be assessed during the simulator assessment.

Important Notes:

Unsuccessful candidates can reapply after specified waiting periods.

Applications are limited to one airline within the British Airways family at a time.

Long-haul suitability will be assessed during the simulator assessment.

Successful candidates will enter a hold pool and may receive a maximum of 2 job offers. Declining the second offer requires reapplication after 12 months.

This comprehensive overview provides a clear understanding of the minimum requirements, application process, and important considerations for prospective Pilots interested in joining British Airways or BA Euroflyer. 

Jesvita Melisha Mendonca

HR Team

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