Job Openings for New Zealand Pilots

 Job Openings for New Zealand Pilots 

Job Title: Commercial Pilot

Location: New Zealand

Company Overview:

Based in New Zealand, Itis a well-known aviation provider committed to providing reliable and effective air transportation services. We are looking for qualified and seasoned pilots to join our vibrant team as we grow and develop. We encourage you to submit an application for the role of Commercial Pilot if you have a strong desire to fly and flourish in a demanding and fulfilling work environment.

Job Description:

Position Summary:

 Your job as a commercial pilot will be to safely operate and navigate airplanes to carry people and freight to different locations. Keeping safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction at the greatest possible level will be your main priorities.

Key Responsibilities:

Flight Operations:

Examine the aircraft before takeoff to make sure it is airworthy.

Follow corporate policy and aviation regulations when operating and controlling an aircraft.

Perform landings, takeoffs, and other aircraft operations safely and precisely.

Communication and Navigation:

Consider weather, air traffic, and airspace restrictions when planning and monitoring flight routes.Continue to communicate effectively with ground staff and air traffic control.

Safety and Emergencies Protocols:

Show that you have a solid grasp of emergency processes and safety measures.Prioritise the safety of both passengers and crew when responding to in-flight situations, maintaining composure and efficiency.

Client Support:

Deliver outstanding customer service to travelers, guaranteeing a relaxing and enjoyable journey.Respond to questions and concerns from passengers in a courteous way.

Record-keeping and Reporting:

Preserve precise and current documentation of flight logs, fuel usage, and maintenance operations.Ensure that all necessary reports and documents are submitted on time.


  • Currently valid Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) from the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand (NZCAA).

  • Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate.

  • NZCAA minimum flying experience requirements.

  • outstanding interpersonal and communication abilities.

  • Capacity to adjust to shifting operational situations and function well in a team.

  • dedication to flight safety and following the rules.


competitive benefits package and pay scale.

Possibilities for professional growth and career promotion.

a cooperative and encouraging work atmosphere.

We strongly advise you to apply for this wonderful opportunity if you are a proficient pilot who has a love for aviation and a dedication to safety.

Jesvita Melisha Mendonca

HR Team 

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