National FCL Conversion to EASA FCL

National FCL Conversion to EASA FCL 

Eligible categories – Aero Plane only
a)     On the job International Airline Captains holding a License of National ATPL   
b)     On the job International Airline First Officers holding a license of National ATPL  
c)     On the job domestic Airline Captains holding a license of National ATPL
d)     On the job domestic Airline First Officers holding a license of National ATPL  
e)     Fresh Pilots of National CPL IR or CPL license holders
f)      CPL IR under training National PPL IR or PPL license holders

To convert above mentioned licenses categories to EASA ATPL License, candidate has to follow below procedure only –
Step -01 – (ATPL distance learning registration in Europe)
a)     Register as an ATPL distance learning candidate in any EASA Approved Training Organization. Recommend – European Pilot Academy in Malta.
Step -02 – (Registration at Ravana Aviation Academy for ATPL lectures and exam preparation)
a)     Proof your registration as an ATPL distance learning candidate at ATO in Europe
b)     Online registration  - register as a candidate of EASA ATPL by online registration at our web sites 
c)     Manual registration – request register form download from our official web sites or request by email
Step -03 – (Course Fee Installments Structure) 
a)     Registration fee –  1000 USD
b)     Rest of course fee - 2500 USD pay on or before commencing the course
a)     Payment methods  - Bank Payment,  – Deposit Slip take as proof and mail to us

Swift Code                 - BSAMLKLXXXX
Account No                - 100 514011584
Name                         - Ravana Aviation Academy (PVT) Ltd.   
Course Timings:-  Flexi According to the Pilot’s Timing
Course Venue:-     OnLine
Contact Person :- India  Capt. Shekhar Gupta  
Tel Land:- 0091 731 4044650  
Tel Mobile:-0091 9977513452

Course conducted under the EASA Authority Approved Syllabus and

Conducted by Ravana Aviation Academy (EASA Affiliated to Europe)
Founder & Head of Training RAA
Capt. Harsha Govinda Koralearachchi Bsc(Def)
ATPL Aeroplane Ground Instructor License CAA SL No-034,
ATPL Helicopter Ground Instructor License CAA SL No-042,
CPL IR Frozen ATPL (A) License CAA SL No-717 

FAQs  [European Pilot Academy in Malta.]

Q: Do you accept international students?

A: Yes. We have no problem accepting students from anywhere in the world and we will also make Visa arrangements.

Q: What type of license will I be issued with upon completing the training?

A: All our Pilots  receive EASA licenses which are valid in any EASA country and is accepted worldwide.

Q: What Aircraft do you use for the training?

A: For PPL training we currently use a Tecnam P2002JF or a Piper Warrior II. While for CPL and IR training we use the Piper Warrior II and Piper Seneca II along with an FNPT II flight simulator.

Q: Are the flying hours stated in the course information valid for all students?

A: The flying hours stated on the website and in the brochure are all the EASA regulated minimum hours. How much you will need all depends on how you perform. Some students may require additional training to be fully prepared.

Q: How long is each training flight?                       

A: In general a training flight would usually take around one to one and half hours. This is unless the flight will be for navigation training, in which case the flight would be more than two hours.

Q: What Airports do your students visit?

A: At the moment we try to take our students to as many Airports as possible in the region besides Malta. Such as: Comiso and Catania in Sicily, Reggio Calabria, Lamezia and Crotone in southern Italy.

Q: What languages should I need to know?

A: All material, lessons and briefings are in English. Therefore a sound knowledge of the English language is ideal.

Q: I wear corrective lenses, will this stop me from being a pilot?

A: No, as long as your sight can be corrected using these lenses and you carry a spare pair on board, there is no reason why this should stop you.

Q: What are the most common points on which people fail their medical?

A: Over the years the most common reasons we have common across are colour blindness and less commonly, sinus problems.

Q: Is it possible to convert a non-EASA license to a EASA license at your academy?

A: Yes.

Q: What do I need to be able to start looking for a Piloting job?

A: This all depends on what type of job you are looking for. Once you complete your CPL, you can legally begin to earn money from flying. From here you can either proceed to get your flight instructors rating or continue training for your multi-engine rating and instrument rating, which at this point you are in a position to apply with the Airlines.

Q: What is the forecast demand for Pilot jobs in the future?

A: On current market estimates, the forecast is that there will be a requirement for around 500,000 new pilots in the next 20 years worldwide!

It is advisable to contact us for the latest information and updates. While great care and attention has been given to ensure the accuracy of text and other information, EPA will not be responsible for any unforeseen omissions and errors.


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