Covid19 Message from Yashi Julka Manager HR Incharge internship

The Team
Aircrews Aviation Pvt Ltd 

Dear AirCrews Family,

I believe in the words of Marcel Proust “Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are charming gardeners who make our soul blossom”; so today I want to Thank all of you for your dedicated work. Also, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to your family members who support you to do the work.
As it is known that we are in phase of crisis; I request all to take good care of themselves by staying at home and to follow all the guidelines given by government. This pandemic is affecting all of us, our business and our community. I expect all to follow the below course of action
·         Employees are expected to work-from-home from tomorrow till next notice.
·         A pass will be allotted in case you have to step out of your home for our work.
·         A call will be done at 9:30 AM daily and the work will be discussed.
·         All the employees are supposed to be online and available to take calls.
·         Any update or change in the above rules will be notified.
   Aircrews Aviation Pvt Ltd  believes in goodwill of their employees, so mask and a bottle of sanitizer will be given to every employee (also for their family members); it will be delivered tomorrow at your doorstep. Make use of that mask and wear it in case you are going out of your home. Do not touch your face and wash your hands often, if you are going out or you are not able to use soap at that period, make use of sanitizer after every 20 minutes.

We are in this together, we know it is a tough situation but we have faith on our team that will even surpass it with good productivity. Great things never come from comfort zone. At the end, I just want to say- Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done.


Yashi Julka [MBA HR]
Manager HR [Incharge internship]
Aircrews Aviation Pvt Ltd
+91 7017743358


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