A Runway also turned into Parking for Aircraft

Delhi International Airport/capacity of 256 Aircraft, but due to the lockdown the Airport stands at 300 Aircrafts

20 Aircraft are parked at Runway-1 at Indira Gandhi International Airport. 
Cargo Aircraft are being diverted from Runway-2.
More than 700 Aircraft operate daily from Delhi International Airport, but International Flights stop from 22:00 pm on 22 March
A day parking charge of 300 Aircraft is about 3 crore rupees, parking charge will be waived on Intervention of government and DGCA
 International FLights are closed at the International Airport in the country's capital from 1:30 pm on the night of 22 March to 12 noon on 14 April. The Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI), which used to fly more than 700 Aircraft every day, now stands in the passenger Aircraft parking lot. Due to space problems, 24 Aircrafts had to be parked on Runway-1 as well. Parking charges are now a big challenge for Airline companies, which are facing a loss of about 150 crores daily.
24 Aircraft on runway-1, movement of cargo Aircrafts from runway-2
To stop the coronavirus, the government stopped domestic and International FLights, but exempted cargo Aircrafts. Indira Gandhi International Airport has a capacity of 256 Aircraft, but currently there are 300 Aircraft parks. The DGCA has 648 Aircraft registered. In this sense, about half the Aircraft parks are in Delhi itself. There are 24 Aircraft standing on Runway-1. Cargo Aircrafts are being diverted from Runway-2.
One day estimated parking charge of around 30 crores
According to estimates, a daytime parking charge of 300 Aircrafts is around Rs 30 crore. In this context, the total parking charge in the last 10 days is about Rs 300 crore. Delhi Airport shares 46% of its revenue with the government.
The government will decide whether to charge the parking charge of the Aircraft or not. GMR Group, which holds 54% stake in the joint venture of Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL). Sources in the group told Bhaskar on the condition of anonymity that the Central Government and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation i.e. DGCA can take a decision on this together.
The aviation sector fears a loss of 750 to 800 thousand crores due to 21 days lockdown.
The central government has a 21-day lockdown to avoid coronaviruses. Due to this, there is a possibility of loss of about 75 to 80 thousand crores to the aviation sector of the country. The aviation sector could suffer a total loss of Rs 21 lakh crore worldwide. This is stated by the Center for Asia Pacific Aviation India (CAPA) in its report.
The aviation sector in the country is losing more than Rs 150 crore daily due to Coronavirus. Revenue can also fall by 50%. A DGCA official says that before the Corona crisis, the domestic and International FLights had a daily revenue of around Rs 300-400 crore, which has now halved.
5 thousand 490 crore to IndiGo and 1 thousand 400 crore to SpiceJet possible
According to the ICICI Securities report, IndiGo may incur a loss of Rs 5 thousand 494 crore due to the 21-day lockdown, while SpiceJet will incur a loss of about Rs 1,400 crore. Other Airlines will also incur huge losses due to the 21-day lockdown, but the loss cannot be estimated due to these companies not being listed.
Air India losses of 30 to 35 crores daily
According to an estimate, Air India is incurring a loss of 30 to 35 crores every day due to cancellation of domestic and International FLights. Air India says fuel costs, ground handling, Airport charges are being saved due to FLight closures, but salary, allowances, lease rent, minimum maintenance and Interest payments will have to be paid. The daily income of Air India is around 50 to 60 crores. Of this, 80% is earned from passenger travel.

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