Cabin Crew SunExpress Airlines

Company  - SunExpress Airlines
Position    - Cabin Crew
Location   - Various

Job Description

 As a flight attendant you’ll serve as the first point of contact for passengers. With a friendly smile and service-oriented manner, you’ll ensure a comfortable atmosphere on board and contribute to the well-being of passengers. In addition, you’ll keep an overview of any irregularities during every flight and be on hand to instruct passengers of any emergency measures should the need arise.
Requirements :

Should be a well-groomed appearance and organisational ability are essential.
Should have skills like problem solving skills, customer service skills
  Should need to demonstrate good English and German skills so that you can effectively meet the needs of our passengers.
 A knowledge of Turkish is also crucial when working on some flights, but is not a compulsory requirement.

All the Best 

Ingela Kidwai ( MPA)
Aviation HR Intern

Cabin Crew Career Guide
Pragati Srivastava [ Air Hostess ]
Capt Shekhar Gupta [Pilot]
Language: English
Cost : USD $100  [ International ] 
Indian INR 699

Pilot’s  Career  Guide
Shekhar Gupta

Pilot’s Career Guide

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Nonfiction » Career Guides » Transportation 

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