How to Apply for an Air Hostess Position In Airlines ?

How to Apply for an Air Hostess Position In Airlines ?

The required candidate should have received air hostess training from the appropriate institute or academy.

Should be 18years or above.

Experience in customer service will be an assert but not compulsory.

Ready to work in all shifts (Morning, Evening, Night).

Should have customer service skills.

Strong command over English speaking language.

Should have a friendly nature and always with a smile on face.

Should have strong communication skills and problem solving skills.

Apply for Air Hostess position after going through all the requirements.Then apply online or offline if you qualify or meet all the requirements.

Once you receive interview letter from the airlines prepare for interview.

Dress up formally and appear in the interview smartly.

Once you receive selection letter report on the mentioned date and venue go through all the terms and conditions properly before joining. So as to avoid any confusion and misunderstanding and clear everything with the company on the date of joining.
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Ingela Kidwai ( MPA)
Aviation HR Intern

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Indian INR 699

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