Airbus A320 Type Rating and Line Training Job Contract

Position: Airbus A320

Type Rating and Line Training 300/500 hours With 2 years Job Contract Programe

Complete details of "Airbus A320 Type Rating ,Line Training 500 hours and Job Contract"

Enrollment :-
Below listed Documents should be submited through Email ,In order to receive Confirmation and Invoice


Valid CPL/IR

Valid Medical

Level 4 English Proficiency Certificate

MCC Course Certificate (If Have)

Update CV

Assessment Form

(Please take into consideration that we will reply only to applicants fulfilling requirements.)
Location: Thailand

Duration: 8 to 12 Months

After finishing the program, you'll have 500 hours on A320 or B737 and a great possibility to be employed as First Officer with the our Partner Airlines!

Programe Specifications:- .

Airbus A320 Type Rating Groundschool Phase
- 136 HoursGround
- Interactive Computer Based Training (CBT).

PC or iPad options.
- Option to self study at home prior to joining our course.
- 12 days of Instructor led theoretical training and examinations.
- Performance, Flight Planning, Mass & Balance
- Extensive SOP, ECAM, FMGS and FMS training.
- Use of Normal and Non Normal Checklists
- Management of Abnormal and Emergency situations.
- 20 hours of Flat Panel Training.

Flight Training Phase
- 52 Hours
- 16 hours of Fixed Base Simulator training.
- 32 hours of Full flight simulator training.
- LST (Licence Skill Test)

Aircraft Base Training
- 6 Take-off and Landings. - We have contracts with 3 Airlines and training is arranged within 1 month of LST.

Course Duration
Allow 6 - 7 weeks. Accomodation & Transportation is Provide by us during whole Training Programe Period.

Line Training & Job Contract:-

We are Collabrated with Airlines in Asia,South east Asia for Line Training and Job Contract for our Cadets. We have Line Training for 300 hours/500 hours Duration of Line Training Programe depends upon Hours cadet choose to Fly . Name of Airlines and Contract Terms will be send to cadets once they complete Enrollment Process.

This is due our Privacy Amendment done by our Partner Airlines. Our Line Training Programe is Followed by Job Contract for 2 years which include Accomodation ,Transportation . Line Training 500 hours duration is 6 to 8 weeks

PLEASE NOTE:- Due to the high demand for line training we are only accepting applications from pilots who have completed their Type Rating with us .

Employment Successful candidates will enjoy a rewarding career coupled with extensive training and personal growth development .

Salary and Benefits

On appointment as First Officer, you will enjoy an attractive salary, along with various allowances and benefits.

Job Contract :-

Bond .

Upon Successfully Completion of Type Rating Airbus A320 and Line Training 500 /300 hours ,Applicants will be Release for Job Contract and Required to serve the Employer Airlines for the Duration of Period of Two Years from the Date of Appointment as a First Officer.

Upon Release for Job Contract Candidiate should be ready to Join within 8 weeks Period time

Divya Namdev (BBA)
Aviation HR Intern

Sakshi Partani (MBA)
Aviation HR Intern

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