Why MBA in Aviation Management by Sneha Jaiswal

 Why MBA in Aviation Management?

by @Sneha Jaiswal

Management Professionals in Aviation Management are a standout amongst other administration specialization. Students get the opportunity to acquire the abilities that would assist them to come up with the regularly evolving industry. Graduates in Aviation Management are adept at discerning the critical elements of flight, ground, cost adequacy in addition to administration aptitudes to foresee and govern the business difficulties and open the doors for the blooming of the organization.

With the gigantic development in the Aviation industry, the specialization in Aviation Management is one of the upcoming trends that allures the youngsters consistently for its’ spectacular living standards and fruitful jobs.

MBA in Aviation Management personnel mostly work with the various national and international Airline companies and there are over 247 Airlines registered under the International Air Transport Association (IATA) that proffer huge career opportunities to the graduates in the Airline field.

Aviation Management graduates are offered the job roles where they generally work outdoors as they need to govern the various day-to-day operations of Airlines and Airport. Most of them are placed with the ATC, Airlines, Aircraft manufacturers, flight schools, and contractors under the private and public sector. They need to have flexible work hours as the Aviation industry operates 24*7 hours. It requires continual supervision of administrators to inspect the working of various departments efficiently.

MBA in Aviation Management Job Roles and Career Opportunities

The following are few of the common job roles played by MBAs in Aviation Management:

Airport Manager – They are iin charge of the general Aircraft operations and safety at a given Air terminal. This position generally extends in scope from little, rustic Airplane terminals to real hectic metropolitan regions with a steady stream of local and worldwide flights. The recruiters who employ this position are either the city government or the private Airport owners.

Human Resources Manager – This sort of expert has practical experience in working with Aviation faculty and settling worker issues. The personnel in this field must be skilled enough in tackling with the Aviation-based challenges.

Airport Operations Manager – The Manager at this position guarantees safe take off and the arrival of all the Airplanes on a particular Airport. It usually operates as a link between the ATC and the support staff nearby.

Cargo Operations Manager –They are in charge to administer and synchronize the ventures of the ground crew in loading, unloading and shielding the Aircraft cargo or baggage.

Airport Traffic Controllers – This position plays a major role in the Airport as they are expected to line up the schedules of flights. They are the ones to give the signs for arrival and take off.

Aviation Faculty –Graduates in Aviation Management also have the chance to work as Aviation Professors. These people engage with the flight schools. Those who aspire to learn and teach Aviation can choose this career of sharing their insight with the coming generations.

Here are few other career prospects in the Aviation Industry:

Aviation Planner

Customer Relationship Manager – Airlines

Financial Analyst for Airlines

Operations Analyst for Airlines

Purchasing Manager for Airlines

Senior Staff Analyst for Airlines


Territory Manager – Corporate Sales


Some of the significant employers from the worldwide organizations who seek potential graduates in Aviation Management are as follows:

United Airlines Inc.

Delta Airlines Inc.

British Airways


Air Force

FedEx Corporation

Flight Safety International Inc.

Birmingham Airport Authority

National Transportation Safety Board

Federal Aviation Administration

Amazon Logistics Division

Specializations offered

MBA in Aviation Management offers various career prospects. The graduates specialized in this field can go for:

Business Development

Airport Operations Management

Airline Operations Management

Loyalty Program Management

Flight Analysis

Fuelling Management

Corporate Planning and strategy

Ticketing & Passenger Services

Airline/Airport Revenue Forecasting

Airline Safety Inspector

Contracts specialist for an Airline

Arranged to take care of the business demand for experts with worldwide information of the avionics business, this MBA program outfits the aspiring Managers with specific industry & its business skills. Indian Aviation industry guarantees tremendous development potential and proffers a bright career. If you realize your potential, you will definitely take off high in this field!

Sneha Jaiswal [MBA]

HR Manager & Market Research

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