DOS AND DON’TS for Airline Staff

                        DOS AND DON’TS

Underneath are certain do’s and don’ts, if you work on them and try to apply in the real-life situation, will be definitely helpful and fruitful.


1.    Looking out for relevant openings continuously.
2.    Preparing yourself according to the profile.
3.    Grooming as per the Airline’s requirements of which the interview is being held.
4.    Practice some basic questions to be asked in the interview.
5.    Dress smartly as per the dress code specified.
6.    Carry all relevant documents.
7.    Certain Attributes-

8. Knock on the door before opening the door of the interview room.
9.            Wish the whole panel on entering the room.
10.     Sit when you are offered a seat.
11.    Try to look cheerful. They will appreciate the fact that even     after such a long wait you are still enthusiastic.
12.        Think first and then answer.
13.         Keep up to your attributes mentioned in your resume. (especially patience)
14.         Try to keep your answers diplomatic. Avoid taking sides.
15.           Being OPTIMISTIC throughout is the most important aspect. Maintain this attribute, whatever situation they give you.
16.                       When leaving the room, thank the panel and bid them a good day or a nice evening as is the time of the day.
17.                       Close the door gently.
18.                       Take precaution while moving out and do not spread negative thoughts about the interview with the other candidate as you will continuously be under scrutiny.

Don’ts -
1.    Most important – do not be late for the interview.
2.    Do not dress against the norms specified by the airline.
3.    Do not get too impatient while waiting for your turn to be interviewed. At least do not show.
4.    Do not hesitate to put forward your thoughts and are free to disagree with the thoughts of the panel. However, keep the way of its presentation decent and polite.
5.    Do not take a discussion on any topic too personally or emotionally. Remember they are testing the same. If you fail, you are out.
6.    Do not try to justify all your acts. Accept your shortcomings. It will be a plus for you.
7.    Do not sound too money minded. They also know that it is a very big reason, however don’t make it your primary and the only reason.
8.    Do not imagine things or events. If you do not know an answer to a question, especially factual, simply accept it.
9.    Do not come out as a person who can overshadow others as it goes against the team spirit.

These were certain simple aspects and the very first stepping stones of becoming a Cabin Crew.

Apply them and do let us know what happened after your interview.

All the best.


Yashashree Bhorkar (MBA)
Aviation HR Intern

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