Pilot Training Institutes

1.✈️STS Escola de Aviação Civil
Aviation training institute in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Email id- sts@stsrj.com.br

2.✈️EWM Aviation Ground School
Flight school in São Paulo, Brazil
Email id- claudinei@senger.com.br

3.✈️EACAR - Escola de Aviação Civil Asas Rotativas
Aviation training institute in Joinville, Brazil
Email id- eacar.curitiba@hotmail.com

4.✈️airBaltic Training Center
Training centre in Latvia
Email id- training@airbaltictraining.com

5.✈️Military Aviation School
School in Argentina
Email id- rrpp@eam.iua.edu.ar

6.✈️Barcelona Flight School
Training centre in Spain
Email id- info@barcelonaflightschool.com
7.✈️Fly-in Spain
Flight school in Spain
Email id- info@fly-in-spain.com
8.✈️Airpull Aviation Academy
Flight school in Spain
Email id- Info@airpull.com
9.✈️California Flight Academy
Flight school in El Cajon, California
Email id- info@flycfa.com
10.✈️Sky-Fly Aviation School
Flight school in Toluca, Mexico
Email id- skyinformes@gmail.com
11.✈️San Diego Flight Training International
Flight school in San Diego, California
Email id- info@sdfti.com
12.✈️Instituto Aeronautico del Noroeste
Flight school in Tijuana, Mexico
Email id- informes@aeronauticodelnoroeste.com.mx
13.✈️Top Air Flight Academy
Training school in Istanbul, Turkey
Email id- info@tafa.aero
14.✈️IFTC Istanbul
Flight school in Istanbul, Turkey
Email id- info@iftc.aero
15.✈️Istanbul Aviation Academy
Training centre in Istanbul, Turkey
Email id- info@istanbulaa.com

Pilot's Career Guide

Pilot's Career Guide

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All Best Career Guide

All Best Career Guide

by Capt Shekhar Gupta and Shina Kalra | 1 January 2019
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