Question 1. Explain What Is Air Turbulence?

Air turbulence is a minor jerk or bumps you feel in the aircraft, which is not dangerous and presumably part of flying experience. Air turbulence occurs when a mass of air is moving at a continuous speed collides with another mass of air that moving at a different speed; such air movement is often created by jet streams, thunderstorms and air moving around mountains.

Question 2. What If You Lost Your Luggage While Flying?

Your luggage is Airlines responsibility, and you are liable to get compensated if you lost your luggage or damaged or delayed.

Question 3. What Is Jet Lag?

Jet lag is also referred as time zone change syndrome. When people travel through plane rapidly from west to east or east to west, they will feel Jet lag. In this syndrome, your body clock or biological clock get disturbed and there will change in your daily activities like sleeping, eating, body temperature and even you might feel sleepy, drowsy and tired.

Question 4. What If You Lose Your Passport While Travelling Overseas?

While travelling overseas what you should do is
o   Make 2 photocopies of your passport and birth certificate that proves your citizenship. Take one and leave one with someone who can fax the documents to you in an emergency
o   Write down the number of your country embassy
o   Keep a plan or map that takes you to your country embassy quickly
o   Review the acceptable forms of primary identification and proof of citizenship

Question 5. While Flying, What You Should Do In An Emergency?

o   See where the nearest emergency exit door is
o   When oxygen level goes down inside, an oxygen mask pops out from the top. Put it on.
o   Fasten your seat belt and lowered down to your knees

Question 6. List Out Things That You Can’t Carry While Flying?

Things you can’t carry while traveling
o   Blunt or sharp objects that can cause injuries
o   Harmful chemicals ( toxic gas or acid)
o   Explosive substances
o   Guns or firearms
o   Electronic devices (except few)

Question 7. What Is Ditching?


Ditching is another word for emergency landing, unlike normal landing this landing take place on the water surface.

Question 8. How Long the Oxygen Last for Passenger in An Emergency?

In an emergency, the moment the oxygen masks drop down, there is approximately 15 minutes of oxygen that you can use it, which is more than enough for the pilot to take it to the lower altitude where you can breathe normally.

Question 9. What Is Aqua-planning?

It is a condition where a standing water, snow or slush makes a layer on the ground which causes the moving wheel of an aircraft to lose contact with the aircraft, due to which braking action on the wheel fails or becomes less operative, reducing the friction between the wheels and the ground.

Question 10. Why Pilot Hits Ground Hard During Bad Weather?

During bad weather Pilot hits the ground hard intentionally while landing, it is not because they lack skill for landing but to avoid the accident due the slippery surface which is formed when there is an excess layer of water accumulated during rain, so to puncture that surface they hit the surface hard.

Question 11. Explain What Is Clear Ice?

Clear Ice refers to a solid precipitation which forms on the air-craft when air temperature is between 0 degree C and -3 degree C and it can make the formation of water ice on the surface of the aircraft. With clear ice or Icing the aircraft will be at risk of stalling.

Question 12. Explain What Do You Mean by Stalling Of Aircraft?

When the wing can’t generate or produce enough lift to support weight of the airplane the airplane stalls. The angle at which it happens is called the critical angle of attack. Stalling of aircraft can occur at any speed.

Question 13. Mention What Things Need to Be Taken In Consideration If Your Seat Is Near Emergency Exit?

o   Recognize the opening mechanism of emergency exit
o   Understand well the instruction for operating the emergency exit
o   See whether opening the emergency exit will increase the hazards to which the passengers may be expected
o   Follow the oral direction and hand signals given by a crewmember
o   Stow and secure the emergency exit windows so that it does not obstruct the use of the exit

Question 14. Explain What Can Passengers Do to Ensure Safety?

To ensure safety passengers can do following things
o   Pay attention to the Flight Attendant
o   Listen to safety briefing, even if you have heard it several times
o   Assess the safety data card which will be in the seat pocket in front of you
o   Check where the emergency exit is located
o   Between your seat and closest exit count the number of rows (useful in fire or smoke)
o   Keep your seat belt fastened
o   Consider purchasing a separate seat for infant or child while travelling
o   Stretch your arms and muscles on long flights

Question 15. What Creates the Strange Sounds You Hear Prior To Take Off and Landing?

The drilling sound you hear during landing and take-off is the sound of the flaps and slats being extended on the wings. These panels are driven by a screw mechanism that causes the sounds; it increases the area and curvature of the wing when extended to facilitate low-speed flying.

Question 16. Is It Possible to Open Flight Door At High Altitude?

Airplanes are pressurized to the equivalent of 8000 feet for passenger comfort and to facilitate breathing. At higher altitude, around 30,000 feet the air pressure inside the plane is much higher than the pressure outside and this pressure differential will not allow the door to open.

Question 17. What Are the Measures Taken To Save The Aircraft From Lightning?

“Static Wick” is the key component used in an aircraft to save the plane from lighting, this device disperses the static build up in the air, which reduces the intensity of a lightning strike and deviates the path of lightning through the rod instead of spreading throughout the air-plane.

Question 18. What Medical Aid Is Not Allowed to Carry with You on Air-craft?

o   Hand Cleaner
o   Hydrogen Peroxide
o   Chemical cold Packs
o   Antibiotics Ointment
o   Insect Bite Swabs

Question 19. What All Medical Aid You Can Carry with Permission From
Security Personnel?

o   Glucose gels or liquids (Including juice for diabetic passengers)
o   Diabetic supplies (Syringes, Lancets, Glucometers)
o   Other Medication and Pumps
o   Nitro-glycerine Spray
o   4oz or less of essential non-prescription gel or liquid medications
o   Liquid prescription medication on passenger’s name

Question 20. What Things You Should Not Do on While Flying?

o   Refuse to buckle your seat belt
o   Get into a Scuffle
o   Ignore the request to turn off electronic devices
o   Drinking (alcohol) too much

Question 21. What You Know About the Duties of a Cabin Crew Member?

As I already discussed about the duties of cabin crew member, so you only need to read them and understand the duties of cabin crew member in better way to answer the question like this effectively. Just be confident and smart while answering.

Question 22. What Is the Most Important Skill Required by A Member Of An Airline Cabin Crew?

The most important skill required by cabin crew member is "Excellent People Skill" along with politeness but firm approach when dealing with difficult customers. As a cabin crew member is the first who contact a person makes with a airline, so it is very important for cabin crew member to give a good first expression. You will usually need to have a good standard of basic maths and English too.

Question 23. What Are Your Interests?

When a interviewer asks you questions about your interests outside of work, he’s not just making idle chitchat. The interviewer is trying to find out more about you as a person, including how well-rounded you are and how your mind works, as well as how your personal traits contribute to your job performance. Prepare for this line of discussion by thinking about what the employer is really trying to assess with his questions.

Question 24. What Do You Know About Qatar Airline?

When interviewing, it's important to know as much as possible about the airline you are applying to. Then emphasize the positive things you have learned when you're asked what you know. The big positive about this question is that you can show off your knowledge. Some applicants clam up, and don't go beyond absolute basics, which simply reduces their input. So to answer this question effectively you must:
o   Spend a lot of time on their website, if they have one.
o   Use search engines to research the airline & individuals.
o   Look at Glass door and Indeed to see what employees say.
o   Use LinkedIn to search for the airline / staff profile.

Question 25. Why Do You Want To Join Qatar Airline?

In this a good answer will demonstrate a knowledge of the airline. That means you must do your homework so that you can identify specific reasons for wanting to work for the firm. These reasons could include one or several of the following:
o   Airline general reputation
o   Reputation of key leaders
o   Admiration of products/services
o   Admiration of other airlines initiatives.
o   Airline awards
o   Airline's management philosophy
o   Airline's values
o   Airline's positioning in market
o   Airline's growth/success

Question 26. How Would You Deal with Difficult or Negative Situation In Your Life?


There are many ways to deal with difficult or negative situation effectively are as follows:
o   Figure out how to react.
o   Before doing anything, give yourself a moment to calm down.
o   In order for you to move on from this negative situation, you'll need to be able to let go.
o   Talk to someone about it; a friend, family member, etc. Vent about your feelings in a journal or blog, or even a loose leaf paper that you shred afterwards. 
o   Look at it like an obstacle that you need to overcome.
o   Instead of keeping everything cooped up inside of you, admit that you've made a mistake. Apologize and move on.
o   The best way to deal with negative situations is to stay positive.
o   Don't be so serious! Have a sense of humour and learn to laugh at yourself and your situation. 
o   Step back from the situation and decide if there is a possibility of a good outcome.
o   Choose not to be affected by it.
o   Take something negative and use it to improve yourself. 
o   Keep yourself motivated.

Question 27. Who Are the Major Competitors of This Airline?

Interviewer wants to check that how much you know about their competition and whether you have done the necessary research or not and do you have anything to contribute that will provide an advantage for their company. For answering this question effectively, you need to research about the airline as much as possible. And Make sure during your research, you also investigate the competitors of the airline you are interviewing for, then only you will not face issue for giving answer.

Question 28. What Is the Customer Care Policy of This Airline?

There is different customer care policy for different airlines. So, you need to full research in advance about customer care policy on the website of the airline you are applying for.

Question 29. What Do You Like Most About This Airline?
Be honest and genuine here.  Tell your interviewer your likes about the airline.

Question 30. Why Do You Think You Are Perfect for This Position?

You must be prepared with a concise summary of the top reasons to choose you. Even if your interviewer doesn't ask one of these question in so many words, you should have an answer prepared and be looking for ways to communicate your top reasons throughout the interview process. Make his job easier by convincing him that:
o   You can do the work and deliver exceptional results.
o   You will fit in beautifully and be a great addition to the team.
o   You possess a combination of skills and experience that make you stand out from the crowd.

Question 31. What Other Languages You Can Speak Apart from English?

As you will need to deal with international customer also so you have to learn foreign language as i mentioned earlier. So, if you have learnt any new language or want to learn a new one you can mention that in your answer. If no then say it, you need to be honest here so it will not create an issue in future.

Question 32. How Would You Deal with An Unsatisfied Customer?

You must be aware about the ways to deal with an unsatisfied customer. There are some effective ways to deal with an unsatisfied customer are:
o   Apologize for the mistake.
o   Address the customer right away publicly.
o   Offer a precise solution.
o   Offer a re-do or a replacement, along with additional benefits, when possible.
o   A simple apology and some effort to make up for a mistake or misunderstanding could go a very long way, and could even develop some good will between clients and your company.

Question 33. What Are Your Strengths?

Your strengths are a mixture of your talents, knowledge and skills. By identifying your strengths and matching yourself to the role, you will enjoy it more and perform better that those who have to try hard to fill the role. Most candidates don't answer it well, often because they are too humble. But this question is a great opportunity to sell yourself and show how you align with the company's requirements. 
These are some of the best ways I believe you can answer:
o   I can learn the things easily. I am a hard worker. If I committed with some work, I will never give up middle of that one. I can mingle with the different kinds of people.
o   I am a quick learner and self-motivated person; I want my work best and I am a good team player also. I can adobe any situation easily and honest towards my work.
o   My strengths are hardworking, self-motivation, positive attitude towards work. And flexible enough to adapt change. 
o   I have strength such as doing well in mathematics and languages. I communicate clearly. I’m popular so I have many friends.

Question 34. Would You Like to Work In A Team Or Alone?

One good way to answer this question is to incorporate the positive aspects of both options. You can say something like, “I enjoy both. Depending on the project that needs to be done, I can work independently to complete my tasks on time, but I also enjoy brainstorming and collaborating with my colleagues.” That way, your interviewer realizes that you like a team environment, but you can also work independently as well.

Question 35. Can You Give an Example of When You Have Overcome A Difficult Challenge?

This type of question can throw you if you haven't thought about it in advance, especially as you may struggle to think of an example. However, you can turn it to your advantage. So, in this with the example you also need to share that what and how much you have learned from that challenge.

Question 36. Why Did You Choose This Career Out Of Many Others?

For those who are people lovers and who have a good level of communication skill, working as a cabin crew member can be a very good thing. First answer the question naturally without sounding rehearsed and build confidence for starting the interview. You may say that 'I would like to work as a flight attendants or cabin crew member as I enjoy working with the public and feel I can overcome any problems they may have and I have good organisation skills'. Even you can mention your all skills ( job requirement) that can be your communication skills, computer skills, strengths, customer service skills etc.

Question 37. How Long Will You Work for This (Qatar Airways) Airline?

Show your commitment here and be honest as possible when you answer. You may say that actually I am looking to make a long-term commitment. Yet I will work as long as my presence is beneficial for your airline and customer as well as mine. And if you know you are going to be relocating to another city in two years you should say so. Plans change, but you want to make sure that you are honest about what can be expected of you. If you plan on it being a long-term position say so.

Question 38. Why Should We Select You Not Others?

Here you need to give strong reasons to your interviewer to select you not others. Sell yourself to your interviewer in interview in every possible best way. You may say like I think I am really qualified for the position. I am a hard worker and a fast learner, and though I may not have all of the qualifications that you need, I know I can learn the job and do it well.”

Question 39. How Would You Measure Your Own Performance on This Job?

This is quite straight question, discuss about the key performance indices against which your performance was rated. This also shows your suitability for the position. You may say that the performances can be measure as set of goals that achieve by person in his life. Performances measured by achieving self-satisfaction with our work. So, I feel satisfaction is the measure of performance. Or to measure your performance on the job you can do following things:
o   Set up random methods of quality control throughout your airline.
o   Survey your clients about their customer service experience as a way of assessing employee performance.
o   Compare Yourself to the Competition.
o   Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses.

Question 40. Do You Think You Are Overqualified for This Position?

It’s an invitation to teach the interviewer a new way to think about this situation, seeing advantages instead of drawbacks. Remember always it does not necessarily mean you are over qualified. Don’t be trapped. The recruiter wants to see you to demonstrate your long-term commitment to stay in the airline. The recruiter worries about the position will not stimulate you enough to keep you stay. With a little preparation you can turn this question around and demonstrate the benefits to the airline if you are given the job, rather than purely focusing on why you want it.

Question 41. What Would You Do If Any Customer Complaint About Your Service?

To handle customer complaints, you need to:
o   Listen to the customer to figure out why they are upset. 
o   Listen to the customer to determine whether any of your policies were not abided by or if this is something outside or not contemplated by your systems. 
o   Next put yourself in the shoes of the customer. Given what you now know try and see their point of view. Why did they come to you? 
o   Once you have heard the complaint and understand the basis for the same, elevate the customer to a supervisor or manager where possible. 
o   Defend if you must. But do not fight with the customer.
o   Once you have listened and understood the customer’s complaint and have avoided fighting over the same divert the customer’s focus to how you intend to resolve the matter.
o   Use customer complaints as a manner to learn about potential flaws in your systems. Maintain a manner of tracking customer complaints.
o   If you are aware about all these steps then you will not face any problem in answering this question.

Question 42. If You Were an Animal, Which One Would You Want to Be?

Interviewers use this type of psychological question to see if you can think quickly. If you answer ‘a bunny’, you will make a soft, passive impression. If you answer ‘a lion’, you will be seen as aggressive. What type of personality will it take to get the job done? So answer this question smartly matching with your personality.

Question 43. Have You Ever Worked in A Customer Care Or Customer Service Job?

If no then you can simply say no that you are a fresher in this field but have the ability to work effectively than experienced person. If yes than share your past good experiences of customer service along with what and how much you have learned there.

Question 44. What You Can Bring or Contribute to This Airline?
The best way to answer questions about your contributions to the airline is to give examples of what you have accomplished in the past, and to relate them to what you can achieve in the future.
Describe specific examples of how effective you have been in your other positions, change you have implemented, and goals you have achieved. Talk about the depth and breadth of related experience that you have. Also, relate your abilities to the employer's goals. You will want to let the interviewer know that you have the skills necessary to do the job they are hiring for.

Question 45. Tell Me Something About Your Family Background?

First, always feel proud while discussing about your family background. Just simple share the details with the things that how they influenced you to work in an airline field.
o   * By this interviewer can observed several things, for example, if the candidate speaks too of the family, or any member (e.g. The Mother) gives us certain features such as links, immaturity, etc. On the other hand, if the person mentioned family problems, a divorce, etc. This is a negative, not for the act itself, but because the person must be quite disturbed to bring that in a job interview (much more if long to mourn as has happened to me several times!).

Question 46. What Values Should Have A Society To Be A Just Society?

Talk about the values of the person. That is why, it is not good to say nothing or say "not". A good answer would be: Justice, Respect and Transparency.

Question 47. How Much Do You Expect To Get Paid?

For this be prepared and research salary to find out what similar positions are paying in your area before you go to the interview. Try to find this information out before giving your salary expectation. You can and should provide a range instead of an exact number. But again, don’t say any numbers you’re not comfortable with because if the employer offers you a salary at the lowest end of your range, you don’t have much to negotiate with when it comes to getting a higher salary.

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