Flying Crews Virtual Aviation Job Fest2020 Proposal

Virtual Aviation Job Fest2020 Proposal

We are hereby pleased to inform to you that, AirCrews Aviation Private Limited is organizing the “Virtual Aviation Job Fest 2020”. 
We are looking forward to help job seekers by providing various job opportunities at one place. The participants will gain the advantage of searching for jobs at the comfort of their home. They will be offered with a platter of job opportunities to choose from. It will also help them gain access to the current job trends in the industry. 

Aircraft Mechanic (A&P)
1.Non-Flying - Administrative Personnel
2.Non-Flying - Air Cargo Handler
3.Non-Flying - Air Freight Agent
4.Non-Flying - Aircraft Fueler
5.Non-Flying - Baggage Handler, Ground or Station Attendant
6.Non-Flying - Cabin Maintenance Mechanic
7.Non-Flying - Cabin Serviceperson
8.Non-Flying - District Sales Manager
9.Non-Flying - Driver
10.Non-Flying - Engineer
11.Non-Flying - Flight Dispatcher
12.Non-Flying - Food Service Personnel
13.Non-Flying - Ground Attendant
14.Non-Flying - GSE Mechanic
15.Non-Flying - Instructor
16.Non-Flying - Meteorologist
17.Non-Flying - Passenger Service Agent
18.Non-Flying - Professional Personnel
19.Non-Flying - Ramp Planner
20.Non-Flying - Ramp Service Personnel
21.Non-Flying - Reservation Sales Agent
22.Non-Flying - Sales Representative
23.Non-Flying - Schedule Coordinator
24.Non-Flying - Sky Cap
25.Non-Flying - Station Agent
26.Non-flying - Station Manager
27.Non-Flying - Teletypist
28.Non-Flying - Ticket Agent
Airport Careers:::
29.Assistant Airport Manager - Airport Management
30.Director or Manager - Airport Operations
31.Engineer - Airport Engineer
32.Fixed Base Operator - Airport FBO
33.Fixed Base Operator - Line Person
34.Safety Personnel - Airport Safety and Security
35.Service Person - Airport Maintenance
36.Terminal Concessionaire - Airport Terminal
Federal Government:::
Federal Government Careers:
37. Air Traffic Control Specialist - Air Route Traffic Control Center
38.Air Traffic Control Specialist - Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT)
39. Air Traffic Control Specialist - Flight Service Station
40. Aviation Safety Inspector - Airworthiness
41. Aviation Safety Inspector - GS-5/15
42. Aviation Safety Inspector - Manufacturing
43. Aviation Safety Inspector - Operations
44. Electronics Technician - Airspace System Inspection 2
45. Electronics Technician - Federal Aviation
46. Engineer - Federal Aviation Engineering
47. Engineering Aid or Technician - FAA Engineering Aid or Technician
48. Maintenance Mechanic - Maintenance and Mechanic
49. Other Professional Employees - Civil Aeronautics Board
50.National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) - Aircraft Accident Investigator
51.National Weather Service - Meteorologist and Meteorological Technician
52.Pilot - Airspace System Inspection
53.Pilot - FAA Flight Test Pilot

In Flight::
In Flight Careers::
54.Commercial Airplane or Helicopter Pilot - Commercial Flying
55.Flight Attendant - Airline Flight Attendant
56.Flight Attendant - Corporate Flight Attendant
57.Pilot - Agricultural Pilot
58.Pilot - Air Taxi or Charter Pilot
59.Pilot - Airline Captain
60.Pilot - Copilot or First Officer
61.Pilot - Corporate Pilot
62.Pilot - Ferry Pilot
63.Pilot - Flight Engineer or Second Officer
64.Pilot - Flight Instructor
65.Pilot - Helicopter Pilot
66.Pilot - Patrol Pilot
67.Pilot - Test Pilot
State Government:::

68.Aviation Careers - Aeronautics Department or Commission Administrative Personnel
69.Non-Flying - Air Cargo Handler
70.Non-Flying - Air Freight Agent
71.Non-Flying - Aircraft Fueler
72.Non-Flying - Baggage Handler, Ground or Station Attendant
73.Non-Flying - Cabin Maintenance Mechanic
74.Non-Flying - Cabin Serviceperson
75.Non-Flying - District Sales Manager
76.Non-Flying - Driver
77.Non-Flying - Engineer
78.Non-Flying - Flight Dispatcher
79.Non-Flying - Food Service Personnel
80.Non-Flying - Ground Attendant
81.Non-Flying - GSE Mechanic
82.Non-Flying - Instructor
83.Non-Flying - Meteorologist
84.Non-Flying - Passenger Service Agent
85.Non-Flying - Professional Personnel
86.Non-Flying - Ramp Planner
87.Non-Flying - Ramp Service Personnel
88.Non-Flying - Reservation Sales Agent
89.Non-Flying - Sales Representative
90.Non-Flying - Schedule Coordinator
91.Non-Flying - Sky Cap
92.Non-Flying - Station Agent
93.Non-flying - Station Manager
94.Non-Flying - Teletypist
95.Non-Flying - Ticket Agent

For more details regarding the Virtual Aviation Job Fest2020 contact us at:

Registration Link for Recruiters

Registration Link for Candidates

Patricia Persis Emmanual 
Manager HR
Aircrews Aviation Pvt Ltd

Er Devyani Deshmukh  [B.E., PGDM HR]
Manager HR [Project Head]
AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd
Virtual Aviation Job Fest2020

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