Virtual Aviation Job Fest2020

Virtual Aviation Job Fest2020 Proposal

We are hereby pleased to inform to you that, AirCrews Aviation Private Limited is organizing the “Virtual Aviation Job Fest 2020”. 
We are looking forward to help job seekers by providing various job opportunities at one place. The participants will gain the advantage of searching for jobs at the comfort of their home. They will be offered with a platter of job opportunities to choose from. It will also help them gain access to the current job trends in the industry. 
The purpose of for organizing this job fest is to enable the employers and employees to come in direct contact with each other. There are still people out there who have been affected due to the COVID-19 impacts . Large portions of our economy have been shut down, especially the aviation, hospitality, retail, tourism, arts and entertainment sectors. Seeing that it is very important to practice social distancing, these series of virtual job fairs will provide individuals with the opportunity to seek and apply for immediate positions without risking their health and well-being.
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Benefits for Aviation Job Seekers:
1. Shorter Time Commitment: 
Going to a job fair takes quite some time. You have to commute to the location, spend the better part of your day waiting in line to talk to a prospective boss, and then travel back home again. But with a virtual job fair, you can pop in and out as need be, without having to calculate extra commuting time.
Unlike traditional job fairs, virtual job fairs make it easy to focus on the companies and the jobs available because you don’t have to worry about things like your travel time, or getting stuck in a traffic jam.
2.Not Locked in One Location:
Let’s say that you’d like to attend a job fair, but for whatever reason, you just might not be able to. And, of course, during the pandemic, a job fair of any magnitude is likely prohibited. But a virtual job fair lets you connect with multiple employers without leaving your home.
Virtual job fairs are accessible to anyone with an internet connection. So if you’re disabled, live in a rural area where job fairs aren’t commonly held or are a military spouse, for example, you can attend a virtual job fair—and reap all the benefits as if you were going to a traditional one.

3.Easier for Introverts:
There’s nothing like crushing crowds to send your inner introvert into overdrive. Virtual job fairs offer all of the advantages of a traditional job fair without having to deal with large groups.

To ensure everyone can attend, regardless of location, the job fair will be held online. The job fair is completely free to attend and exhibit.

The Virtual Aviation Job Fest 2020 will offer more than 100+ virtual job vacancies hosted by Flying Crews and AirCrews Aviation. Starting from 20 June - 30 June 2020,Therefore, your participation in the event is indispensable, as you will come across the best job opportunities for you. To ensure everyone can attend, regardless of location, the job fair will be held online. The job fair is completely free to attend and exhibit.

For more details regarding the Virtual Aviation Job Fest2020 contact us at:

Registration Link for Recruiters

Registration Link for Candidates

Phone Number:  +91 977513452

Er Devyani Deshmukh[B.E., PGDM HR]
Manager HR [Project Head]
AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd
Virtual Aviation Job Fest2020

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