Cockpit Crew pilots hiring TAP Portugal Airlines


Cockpit Crew pilots hiring TAP Portugal Airlines 


TAP Air Portugal, the national Airline of Portugal, operates from its headquarters at Lisbon Airport, serving as its main hub. As a member of the Star Alliance since 2005, TAP connects to 90 destinations across 34 countries with an average of 2,500 weekly flights. The Airline provides comprehensive information about baggage fees based on regions and offers various benefits to its passengers. The CEO of TAP Air Portugal is Antonoaldo Neves (since Feb 2018), and the Airline's hubs include Lisbon Portela Airport and Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, under the parent organization PARPUBLICA - Participacoes Publicas (SGPS), SA.


  • Obtain the necessary qualifications: Individuals seeking sponsorships or scholarships from Airlines should focus on qualifications in Physics, Mathematics, and English. While Physics is a primary requirement, additional qualifications in IT or Electronics can be advantageous.

  • Use appropriate language: English is the universal language in the Aviation industry. Non-English speakers are advised to start learning to enhance their chances of becoming a Pilot.

  • Receive flight training: Sponsorship programs typically cover the cost of flight training, collaborating with training providers. Self-funded individuals may need to invest between £50,000 to £100,000 for training. EASA Licence is required for European Airlines, while FAA Licence is needed for American Airlines.

  • Enhance interview skills: Practice extensively for interviews with flight training providers or Airlines. Seek feedback from experienced interviewers, practice with others, and ensure a polished appearance during interviews.

  • Build a comprehensive CV: Showcase interests related to flying, such as sailplane gliding or building model Aircraft, to make your CV stand out.

  • Develop alternative skills: Besides a Pilot's license, emphasize skills like communication, teamwork, and organization.

  • Conduct thorough research: Demonstrate knowledge about the Airline and its history during interviews to showcase preparedness and organizational skills.

  • Maintain perseverance: Never give up on your career ambition in Airline Piloting, even in challenging situations.


The benefits include retaining all Silver client privileges, earning 50% extra miles, a companion ticket, exemption from certain penalties, additional checked baggage, bonus miles with no expiration, and the ability to take a Year Off.

Question and Answer

  • Define a professional Pilot: A professional Pilot possesses knowledge, punctuality, effective communication skills, takes command in critical situations, understands limitations, and remains committed to continuous training and adherence to company procedures.

  • Importance of language proficiency for Pilots: Pilots flying publicly should be fluent in languages beyond English, providing an added advantage in handling diverse situations.

  • Responsibilities during flight: Pilots must navigate, monitor and guide the crew, maintain technical instruments, track weather conditions, control altitude, and manage Air traffic, requiring multitasking and strong concentration.

  • Pilot's role during an emergency: A Pilot must maintain calmness, demonstrate expertise in self-control, and assign tasks to the crew if necessary, with examples illustrating these qualities.

  • Modification of flight course: Pilots can modify the flight course based on internal or external conditions, requiring coordination with control towers and attention to detail.

  • Assessing success in the job: Success can be measured through achievements, challenges met, positive feedback from superiors, and personal dedication to the job.

  • Preferred work environment: Express a preference for a fast-paced, collaborative work environment, avoiding statements that suggest a preference for solitude or a slow-paced setting.

  • Greatest strengths: Highlight strengths relevant to the job and convincing qualities that indicate potential success in the position.

  • Languages spoken: Clearly state languages spoken at an intermediate level or above, specifying fluency and proficiency levels.

  • Define V1 and V2: V1 is the takeoff decision speed, while V2 is the takeoff safety speed.

  • Role in loading the Airplane during a delay: Express willingness to assist the ground crew in loading boxes during delays or busy periods.

  • Define LDA: Localizer Type Directional Aid (LDA) refers to a precision approach offset from the runway.

  • Boss's description: Summarize the boss's description as a dedicated team player focused on making a positive difference.

  • Qualities of a good Pilot: A good Pilot is a serious, risk-evaluating professional with consistent attributes carried into each flight.

  • Motto behind becoming a Pilot: List reasons for becoming a Pilot, emphasizing strong motivations and goals.

  • Report before entering a hold: Report the further clearance time, time of arrival at the holding fix, and required altitude promptly.

  • Lesson learned from Pilot job mistakes: Acknowledge mistakes, emphasize learning from them positively, and provide examples of growth and improvement.

  • Actions to improve Pilot knowledge: Detail improvement activities undertaken in the previous years, highlighting a commitment to lifelong learning.

  • Biggest weakness: Address weaknesses that reflect positively on your qualities, such as a strong desire for continuous improvement.

  • Achievements: Share work-based achievements, detailing roles, accomplishments, and takeaways.

  • Handling stress and work pressure: Provide a justified self-rating, supported by examples of effectively handling stress and pressure.

  • MSA circle on the approach plate: Explain that the MSA circle represents the lowest altitude ensuring 1000ft obstruction clearance within 25 miles of the navaid, used for emergency purposes.

  • Formation of radiation fog: Describe how heat radiated from the ground cools overnight, causing moisture in the FAF to cool and form fog.

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