Position: Co-Pilot Type Rating Course: AW/139 & AW189


Position: Co-Pilot

Type Rating Course: AW/139 & AW189

Qualifications and Experiences:


Valid Class 1 Medical

Total Time: 500 hours

Total Time PIC: 100 hours

Turbine Type Endorsement

Offshore (Oil & Gas) experience preferred

ELP4 or higher

Job Objective:

Responsible for the safe and efficient conduct of the flight, assuming command in the event of the Captain's incapacitation.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

Familiarity with relevant air legislation and aviation practices.

Knowledge of the Company Operations Manual.

Assist Captain with administrative duties.

Maintain crew discipline, conduct, and appearance standards.

Follow Company Standard Operating Procedures.

Ensure safe navigation and terrain clearance.

Provide advice, information, and assistance to the Captain.

Alert Captain if flight is in non-compliance with procedures.

Maintain high personal standards as a representative of the company.

Support the development of a high standard of professional expertise and morale among the crew.

Handle the aircraft during certain phases of flight on the Captain's instruction.

Handling Guide:

Take-Off: Co-Pilot may take controls at Captain's discretion.

Cruise: Co-Pilot may handle the aircraft en-route with a briefing on emergency control transfer to the Captain.

Landings: Co-Pilot may make the approach and landing at Captain's discretion, with the Captain retaining control in certain conditions.


Co-Pilot should give normal briefs, followed by a Captain's brief for landing or take-off decisions.

Training Flights:

Co-Pilot permitted unrestricted take-offs and landings under supervision for training flights.

Performance Indicators:

Number of Air Safety Incidents per 1000 Flight Hours

Number of aircraft non-compliance

Number of complaints received from Pilots

Number of flying hours per year

Communications & Working Relationships:

Internal: Operations

External: Clients, Customers, Regulating Authorities/Governmental Institutions

Khushi Kumari


HR Team



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