Aviation Soft Skills Trainer [F] at Flying-Crews.com


Exciting Opportunity: Become a Sky Weaver - Aviation Soft Skills Trainer [F] at Flying-Crews.com!



Job Type:

Part-Time (Remote)



Turn Your Home Into a Training Haven

Are you an experienced Female Aviation Soft Skills Maestro who is passionate about advancing careers in aviation? Flying-Crews.com is looking for a dynamic individual to join our team as a Sky Weaver - Aviation Soft Skills Trainer. This part-time, remote employment provides an exceptional opportunity to be a game changer in the aviation sector.

About Flying-Crews.com:

Flying-Crews.com is more than simply a platform; it serves as a launch pad for ambitious aviation professionals around the world. As success architects, we deliver exceptional training and resources, establishing a legacy in the cloud.

Position Overview:

As a Sky Weaver, you will play an important part in improving the charm, charisma, and communication skills of aviation professionals. Your aim is to elevate individuals to new levels of competence and success in the industry.

Your Adventure Kit:

  • Create and conduct compelling training courses on soft skills for aviation workers, such as communication, teamwork, leadership, and customer service.

  • Design training modules that address unique difficulties faced by aviation professionals, ensuring relevance and effect.

  • Conduct assessments to determine the success of training, and make adjustments for continual improvement.

  • Collaborate with internal teams to uncover trends and insights for innovative training programmes.

  • Mentor and guide aviation apprentices, giving assistance with skill development and career growth.

  • Facilitate engaging soft skill training sessions for a varied audience.

  • Customize training modules to suit organizational goals.

  • Evaluate and appraise apprentices' progress during and after training.

  • Keep up with market developments so that you can include the most recent insights into your training programmes.

  • Create an inclusive learning environment that encourages participant engagement.


  • A minimum of one year of experience as a Soft Skills Maestro, with a track record of transformative impact.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.

  • The ability to tailor training information to the individual learning styles of different learners.

  • I am comfortable with remote work and am open for part-time commitment.

  • Proficient in using virtual communication tools to offer excellent training sessions.

  • In-depth understanding of soft skill development strategies and methodologies.

  • Excellent presentation and interpersonal abilities.

  • Proficient in developing comprehensive training materials and resources.

  • Ability to function independently in a distant situation while managing time properly.

  • Ideally, you must be in the age range of 21-30 years. 

Your Potent of Gold's Benefits:

  • Competitive remuneration based on class.

  • Opportunity to help aviation professionals flourish globally.

  • Flexible remote work arrangements.

Your Alchemical Payment Structure:

  • Compensation information will be revealed during the main GMeet Interview.

How to Invoke your fate:

If you are ready to be the aviation industry's soft skills wizard and meet the prerequisites, we encourage you to join us. Send your resume and a cover letter showcasing your remarkable experiences to hr@Flying-Crews.com or 

Direct your message to +91 9977513452. 

Alternatively, contact +91 9443056013. 


Only those possessing the spark of magic will be invited to participate in our mystical review.

For updates, follow @Flying-Crews.com.

There is no deadline for this application. Apply now to join our wonderful team at Flying-Crews.com. Your destiny awaits! ✨🚀

Send us the following details:

+91 9443056013

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Jesvita Melisha Mendonca

HR Team














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