Campus to Corporate Be the Best Version of You


Campus to Corporate 

Be the Best Version of You

From Campus to Corp:

Launch Your Successful Career in Aviation Corp World 

Feeling overwhelmed about the transition from student life to the corporate world?  Stressed  by interviews?  This innovative course, "Campus to Corp,"  is designed to bridge the gap and empower you to thrive in your new professional environment.

Asiatic International Corp (AIC), formerly known as AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd, is a dynamic Aviation services company founded by a team of experienced pilots and industry professionals. We've expanded beyond Aviation to offer a variety of work-from-home business opportunities through blogs, covering diverse fields like agriculture, technology, education, finance, and women's entrepreneurship.

What is C2C ?

It is a program developed to upskill the students to be corporate ready.

To experience, Initiate, Plan, Strategize, Think and make decision like a corporate manager

To make the student have the on job training and stand out from the crowd

Significance of C2C:

Smooth transition from Student life to Corporate Life

It is a bridging program to connect what has been taught in college and applying it practically in work environment

Provides opportunity to be the executive, assistant manager and the manager of the organization

Hands-on experience of working in the office setup even before officially entering the corporate life.

Benefits of C2C :

Upskill to be the best candidate fit for the job

Personal branding and market yourself for better future

Learn the best strategies to do the value added work

Learn the core competency that will make the person unique from others

Visume skill to update the CV

Get a 3 month corporate ready work experience

Obtain leadership skill, negotiation skill, better team building ability, listening skills

Upskill in all fields like technologically, management and soft skills department

Risk mitigation, confidence, financial budgeting and time value of money

Learn HR skills, Marketing, Management, Finance, production, Digital Marketing.

Effective communication and getting to know verbal and non verbal communication

Get to know the management jargons

Work ethic elevation, effective and productive work

Interpersonal skill development and maintaining individual value

Campus VS Corporate 

As "Aqsa" said "Biggest difference between college and corporate is you learn to behave!"

Campus :

Learn theoretical knowledge

Only learning

Final exam are the criteria


Get practical experience

Learning and earning

Everyday is important

Corporate Market:

Even though the number of employees in corporations is increasing, So are the no.of graduates. Therefore the industry is in high demand and has one of the toughest competition.

Youth Unemployment rate in India :

It has been increasing in 2020 even more because of pandemic as well

What is Solution ?

That is to Upskill yourself

In C2C we can learn the Cycle of learning are :







What is OJT Process ?

OJT is on job training process which we provide in C2c programme.In these days everyone asks for experience before joining the corporate with no resources. Experiences  can be gained by C2cC is the best option for that which provides 3 months of intensive on job training  with an experienced certificate.

On Job Training Process of C2C 

Tier 1 : Executive :

Work and learn an executive of an organization

Hierarchies of organization

Team building, decision making process

On time job delivery

strategic planning, Managing the team

Tier2: Assistant manager:

Experience direct reporting and assistance to the manager

Oversee day to day activities and operations

Get feedback from peers, budgeting managing payroll and personal database

Increase efficiency and productivity


Manage the entire team, leadership ability

Manage staff, planning and evaluating department and training

maintain organization culture

define objective, identify and evaluate the project

We provide a comprehensive range of Aviation services, including:

Air Charters

Pilot Training (Ab Initio and Type Rating on A320)

Aviation HR Solutions

Our Diverse Service Portfolio

In addition to our core Aviation offerings, AIC caters to a broader spectrum of needs:

Aviation Apps and Software

Educational Resources (Books and Blogs)

Industry Networking (B2B and B2C)

Trade Shows and Events (Aviation Expo)

Project Management (Aviation PPM)

Digital Marketing Solutions (SEO, SMM)

Management Internships

Pioneering Programs

AIC is a leader in innovative Aviation solutions:

Aviation ViSume: 

Pioneering video resume creation

Largest Online Aviation Internship Program across 65 Asian Universities

Virtual World Tour for Kids: Sparking an interest in Aviation

Some advantages and topics that this course will cover are:

•First and foremost, Asiatic International Corp [Formally AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd] is not just a small institute providing this training program. But it is the 1st and Only PPM Start-Up Organization recognized by the Government  of India. So the Experience and Certificate you will receive and the training you will get here will be top-notch and will hold a greater value. 

•Asiatic International Corp [Formally AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd] has already conducted numerous training and online certification programs for many Pilots / Aero Engineers / IIT / IIM Engineers and MBAs fromIndia and Abroad, and the students enrolled have provided overwhelming responses to the programs.

•Asiatic International Corp [Formally AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd] is providing this course with guest lectures from Airport Directors, Pilots, top Universities Professors, reputed Managers from different organizations and their in-house Corp Trainers as well.

•This course will bring out the Best Version of yourself and present it to the Corporate World

•Will provide the hands-on approach and opportunity to be the manager for yourself and others in this course

•This course will take you through tips and tricks of how to maximize your skill and how to prepare the best resume so that you can be the top candidate for the interview process

•Best way to get Dressed up and the soft skills and personality development required for the interview process

•How to face the Interview successfully. What are the ways one can tackle the questions of the interviewer? What are the expected questions and how to answer fearlessly?

•Once you join the corporate world how to adjust to the new environment, what is organizational culture, and how to understand it

•Discussion about globalization and workforce diversity in the organization. How to get adjusted to the different cultures, languages, gender, traditions, and beliefs while working together

•How to be assertive in the organization and learn negotiation skills

•Best way to write an email in the organization and upskill yourself and also to be efficient in work in every way possible

•Do’s and don’ts in the organization, how to resolve the conflicts in the organization and what are the different kinds of conflicts

•How to motivate yourself and have better value-added work done in office space

These are some of the topics to be covered and will be very helpful for your successful life in the corporate world. ‘The college will teach you the theory but the corporate will give you experience’. Instead of experimenting with this in your corporate life and wasting the time and work effectiveness, we provide you this 3-month course where you will feel like you are in the corporate world. you can experience the training of being executive, assistant manager and manager in the matter of  3 months. In these 3 months, you can find yourself, your work-life balance, and also get to learn all the different aspects of the workforce and what is needed to be the best manager possible in the future. With the guidance of our in-house trainers, guest faculty, and managers from various environments, “CAMPUS TO CORP” is the best course out there right now for all the students looking for a bright future.

How to Apply

Send us Your following Info on WhatsApp 

+91 9977513452 ; +919676539278

Online  Campus To Corporate  Training Program

Who can apply :

BBA / BCA / B Tech / MBA / MCA,  Students from  IIT / IIM with BE / B Tech Plus MBA / PGDM / Aviation Management Students in their Final Year of  Engineering or Management College. 


1. Good Outreach

2. Good Communication

3. Leadership Qualities 

Training Location:   Work From Home



1. Full Name-----------------

2. Date of Birth----------------

3. City -------------------

4.  Education --------------   

5. Age --------------

6. Univ / Ins  --------------------

7. Email :

8. WhatsApp :

9. Fees Rs 12,999 

by GooglePay  9329737330  PayTm 9826037330

Karishma Kumari [MBA HR]

Manager HR 

Asiatic International Aviation Academy

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Published Books

Flying High: A Guide to a Career in Aviation Industry

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"Flying High: A Guide to a Career in the Aviation Industry" is most likely a book for people interested in pursuing jobs in aviation. This book is most likely a comprehensive handbook, offering insights, information, and practical ideas for navigating the numerous career options accessible in aviation.

Pilot's Career Guide

Books by Capt Shekhar Gupta
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"Pilot's Career Guide" is a book written by Captain Shekhar Gupta and Niriha Khajanchi. This book is intended to offer aspiring pilots with detailed information on how to pursue a career in aviation. It discusses many topics such as the qualifications required, training programmes available, job opportunities, and advice for success in the aviation business. The writers' goal is to provide readers with the knowledge and resources they need to traverse the arduous road of becoming a professional pilot.

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Capt Shekhar Gupta's "Lessons for Business Leaders" is an informative and practical guide aimed to provide business leaders with the necessary tactics and wisdom to succeed in today's dynamic and competitive world. In this succinct and interesting book, Capt Shekhar Gupta relies on his broad experience as a successful business leader to offer essential lessons learnt along the way. Capt Shekhar Gupta investigates critical facets of leadership, including effective communication, strategic thinking, team building, and decision-making. He offers practical guidance on how to create a strong organizational culture, promote innovation, and adapt to change. Each lesson is supported by real-world examples, allowing readers to easily apply the principles to their own business difficulties.

Capt Shekhar Gupta emphasizes the importance of personal development and self-motivation. He discusses the importance of emotional intelligence, resilience, and maintaining a positive perspective in overcoming challenges and achieving long-term success.

"Lessons for Business Leaders" provides a thorough roadmap for budding entrepreneurs, mid-level managers, and experienced executives looking to improve their leadership skills and generate long-term growth. Capt Shekhar Gupta's practical insights and profound wisdom make this book an important resource for anybody seeking to confidently and effectively traverse the difficulties of today's corporate environment.

Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs of India

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This book aims to capture the enthusiasm, hard work, dedication, and eternal spirit of all female entrepreneurs. It chronicles the paths from adversity to success, from 9-to-5 employment to becoming your own boss, from victims of domestic violence to recipients of major prizes. Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs of India not only functions as motivation tonic but also as a referral guide for the readers. By highlighting the obstacles and challenges faced by these women, it wants to demonstrate through their examples that we must persevere until we achieve achievement.

All Best Career Guide

Books by Capt Shekhar Gupta

It is critical to recognise that profession selection is an ongoing process in which a student must make career decisions at each stage. If you are unsure about your innate qualities and capabilities, it is critical that you study this Career Guide to determine your genuine potential. The Best Career Guide is the result of all of the questions that we receive on a daily basis about careers in various industries and, more significantly, various training. A resource for students, parents, and schools.

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