90% of Freelance HRs are falling short due to these Common Mistakes !


90% of Freelance HRs are falling short due to these Common Mistakes ! 

Every year, a large number of freelancers enter the business, hoping to meet their salary goals. However, only 10% make it to the ranks of highly esteemed HR Freelancers, while the other 90% remain at an average level.

What's keeping them back?

They're making small but important mistakes! ✋ Don't worry, you don't have to follow suit.

Here's what you should avoid if you want to become a lucrative freelancer:

1. Don't underestimate your services.

In today's competitive freelance world, getting high-quality clients has become increasingly difficult. As a result, many freelancers resort to decreasing their costs in order to get clients, which eventually impedes their route to the top 1%. Instead, focus on:

👉 Enhancing skills

👉 Boosting your positioning with strategic content.

👉 Providing amazing results in your current work.

👉 Create Social Proof

👉 Delivering commensurate value 

Undercharging is never a long-term option for your freelance business.

2. Ineffective communication.

Effective communication is the foundation of effective freelancing. Failure to communicate properly can result in missed deadlines, disappointed expectations, and dissatisfied clients. To avoid this, make sure you:

👉 Clarify your client's expectations.

👉 Keep them informed about your progress.

👉 Maintain transparency on any difficulties that arise.

3. Do not overcommit yourself.

Taking on too many projects might lead to exhaustion and poor job quality. Understand your time constraints and only accept projects that are compatible with your abilities and values. Learn to say no when required, and prioritize tasks that will help you improve.

4. Don't be reluctant to market your services.

Neglecting to market your services will inevitably result in dry spells. You must aggressively promote yourself in order to maintain a consistent supply of clients. Establish your personal brand, be consistent, and add value by:

👉 Prospects can be cold-emailed or messaged directly.

👉 Connecting with peers and attending events.

👉 Hosting webinars to address audience pain issues.

This proactive strategy will ensure that your customer funnel remains full.

5. Be adaptable.

Accept feedback and be willing to make changes. Flexibility enhances customer connections and indicates your dedication to producing excellent results.

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Every year, thousands of freelancers enter the sector with the intention of meeting their earnings targets.

However, only 10% make it to highly valued freelancers. 

The remaining 90% of freelancers are stuck being average freelancers.


They are making a breeze of mistakes! ✋

You don't have a conclusion yourself alone.

So, quit committing these blunders if you want to be a high-value freelancer. 👇

1. Don't underestimate your services.

Freelancing has become a competitive market. Results?

It has become difficult to attract high-quality clients.

As a result, most freelancers began to decrease their costs in order to close clients.

These freelancers don't make it into the top 1%.


👉 Upgrade your skills.

👉 Boost your positioning utilizing strategic content.

👉 Give your all to your current clientele and provide amazing results.

👉 Create social proof

👉 Provide value at the price you offer.

Undercharging is never a viable way to sustain your freelance business.

2. Ineffective communication.

Do not make any assumptions.

Effective communication is the foundation of freelancing.

If you don't communicate well, you will:

🚫 Miss timelines.

🚫 Failing to deliver the promised outcomes

🚫 Face spasms.

🚫 Do not satisfy your clients.

To avoid this:

👉 Understand your client's expectations.

👉Keep them updated on the process.

👉 Be upfront and notify your clients if something goes wrong.

3. Do not overcommit yourself.

Juggling too many projects will result in burnout and poor quality work.

Understand your time availability and close clients accordingly.

Learn to say no to projects that don't line with your ideals.

Prioritize projects that will help you go farther.

4. Don't be afraid to market your services.

Not publicizing your services will eventually result in dry months.

You must show up and let your clients know you exist.

Develop your personal brand. Be consistent and add value.

👉 Send cold emails and direct messages to your prospects.

👉 Connect with peers and attend networking events.

👉 Conduct webinars to address your audience's problem concerns.

This way, the conduit will be filled.

5. Be adaptable.

Ask for comments and keep working on them.

If you see scope and long-term benefits in a project, be willing to accept edits, revisions, and modifications.

Because flexibility improves your relationship with your clients.

If you want to become a highly respected freelancer, join the 130+ freelancers in my flagship programme, Freelance Growth Accelerator (FGA). 

We help you start and scale your freelance business by providing recorded modules, templates, resources, and weekly live coaching calls with us.

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