CockpitCrew Pilots Hiring RyanairAirlines


CockpitCrew Pilots Hiring RyanairAirlines

Ryanair DAC is a European Low-cost airline founded in Ireland in 1984. It is headquartered in Swords, Dublin, with its primary operational bases at Dublin and London Stansted airports. It forms the largest part of the Ryanair Holdings family of airlines, and has Ryanair UK, Buzz, and Malta Air as sister airlines. Stock price: RY4C (ETR) €13.24 +0.34 (+2.68%) 4 Nov, 4:23 pm GMT+1 - Disclaimer

Fleet size: 271 (excluding subsidiaries); 467 (including subsidiaries)

CEO: Michael O'Leary (1 Jan 1994-)

Bag information: In economy, 1st bag £40, 2nd bag £40. Advance purchase discount available. More Ryanair bag information

Headquarters: Swords, Ireland Commenced operations: 8 July 1985 (35 years ago)

Subsidiaries: Malta Air, Buzz, VivaAerobΓΊs, Ryanair UK.


Does the applicant have the right to work in EU? (Valid EU / EEA Passport with the unrestricted right to live and work in the EU)

Date of Birth - (Not over 65)

Valid License: - a) EASA Part FCL b) National Licence compliant with ICAO standards Note: Will require IAA validation - (Some national licenses will not be accepted by the IAA).

Validity of Licence - (Must be valid. Applies to Part FCL and National Licenses.)

Validity of Medical - Must hold a valid EU (Part-MED) issued Class medical certificate.

· Minimum of 1,000 hours on a CS25* Type Aircraft

. Minimum 800 hours on the B737-300 to 900 series.

· Applicants must have the B737 300-900 type rating listed on the Licence.

· For EASA/JAA license holders the application must be made within 36 months of the most recent B737 300-900 "Valid Until" date specified in Section XII "Certificate of


· English Language Proficiency - minimum required proficiency Level is Operational Level (Level 4). (Written proficiency is required at Operational level). (Reference:

ICAO Doc 9835).

. Must have operated on B737 300-900 within the 36 months prior to the course start date.

· * CS-25 Certification Specifications applicable to turbine powered Large Airplanes. An airplane of more than 5700 kg (12500 pounds) maximum certificated take-off weight.


World Class Training

· Industry Leading SOPs

. Salary from Base Training


· Job security

. Fastest Time to Command

· Unrivaled career progression - opportunities for SFI, LTC,


. The best roster in the business; stable 5 on 4 off pattern

· Guaranteed days off

· No planned overnights and rosters published 4 weeks in


· Great base opportunities available at many locations across the


· Outstanding Earnings Potential

. New modern fleet and the opportunity to fly the brand new

Boeing 737 aircraft


1. According to you, what defines a professional pilot?

Someone who has knowledge, punctuality, effective and excellent communication skills, takes the first-hand command in all critical situations, well understands his limitations, willful in continuing training and adherence to company procedure at the same time very systematic in all approaches.

2. State the importance of proficiency in a number of languages for a pilot?

Those pilots who fly privately only require understanding control towers, knowing only English can be just enough, but for pilots who need to fly publicly on a regular basis must be fluent in languages other than English also. This then becomes an added advantage for the Pilot in handling situations.

3. Pilots are required to take many simultaneous responsibilities during flight. Say something about this?

It is the Key responsibility of the pilots to navigate the flight, monitor and guide his team of crew members, check & maintain the required technical instruments as well keep regular track of the weather condition at the same time controlling the height & air traffic. Pilots are required to be skilled enough to perform all these duties and more, besides these, they are requested to have salient abilities in multi-tasking with strong concentration power.

4. What would be a pilot's role during an emergency?

An answer to this question should be to express your feelings first. It would be best to prove, citing examples, that you will be able to keep your mental calmness intact during such problematic situations and you can with your expertise easily self-control the emergency and assign tasks for crew members if necessary.

5. Did you ever have to modify the flight course?

Depending on the internal or external conditions; pilots are trained enough and able to reform the course in flight. Modification of the flight course is a very vital responsibility and requires close contact with control towers and attention to detail.

6. How would you assess your success in this job?

There are a number of ways in which you could assess your success in the field. You set big challenges for yourself and meet them. The achievements you gained counts as your big success. Your boss told you that you had done a great performance. All those achievement cards, rewards & awards will speak about your success. Your dream is to work for the company and to cross the hurdles to achieve in this company too.

7. What type of work environment do you prefer?

You should answer this by mentioning that you enjoy a fast-paced, collaborative work environment. If you tell the interviewer that you like to work alone, or that you typically like a very slow environment, it could cost you the job. You can read a full article on how to answer "What type of work environments do you prefer?"

8. What are your greatest strengths?

Ideally, pick strengths that are related to the job, or will help you in this job. You should be thinking, "What will convince the interviewer that I'm likely to succeed in this position?"

9. What languages do you speak?

This is a straight-forward question, and you should reply by stating all of the languages you speak at an intermediate level or above. Explain which languages you're fluent or native in, and which you're still learning.

10. What do you mean by V1?

Takeoff decision speed is known as V1.

11. What do you mean by V2?

Takeoff safety speed is known as V2.

12. In a situation when the ground crew is running behind or was busy with another job, what would be your role in loading the airplane with boxes?

In such a situation where the ground crew needs my help, I would, of course,stand by him and help load the airplane with boxes.

13. What do you mean by LDA?

A precision approach that is offset from the runway is known as Localizer Type Directional Aid, it may have Gr.

14. How would your current boss describe you?

He describes my qualities as a dedicated team player who always looks to make a difference.

15. In your opinion what qualities make a good pilot?

A good pilot takes his or her job seriously and is a good risk evaluator, not a risk-taker. He is one who consistently carries his able attributes as his personal baggage on each & every flight.

16. What was your motto behind becoming a pilot?

Try listing the reasons behind you becoming a pilot beforehand and cite 2-3 most strong of them.

17. What are the 3 most vital things you must report before entering into a hold?

Expect the further clearance time, the time of arrival at the holding fix and altitude needs to be reported on time.

18. What lesson have you achieved from mistakes from your pilot job?

You have to be very honest about such a question. Your answer has to be brief and to the point.You cannot tell a lie that your career has been flawless. Your answer reflecting a positive aspect where you have learned from your mistake will add an advantage to your answer. It is very common that you might fall short somewhere, you may make mistakes, it's human nature, but not all employers give a very positive gesture on that. There

are people who find a learner in such situations and help them learn from the mistakes made. Here your answer would be stronger if you could add examples of your mistakes where you had a positive take-home effect.

Answer samples:

"I am a constant learner and prefer learning even from my mistakes. My mistakes in my career have made me more alert and confident in those situations. My knowledge has been enhanced and skills sharpened from mistakes."

19. What were your actions to improve your pilot knowledge in the previous years?

Here one should work to include the improvement activities that he/she has done to the job in the previous years. Activities related to positive self-improvement should be mentioned. Most employers look for employees who are goal-oriented. Exhibition of readiness for a life-long learning process is desirable. Regardless of what hobbies you choose to showcase yourself, you must remember that the goal behind everything is to prove yourself as self-sufficient, good at time management, and highly motivated. One may frame answers like "I am a person who prefers to learn in a continuous process and also learn more deeply from my mistakes". My learning enhances discussions with seniors and experienced fellows in the field as well. I prefer to regularly upgrade myself with new courses and certifications and also attend job-related seminars & workshops.

20. Point out your biggest weakness.

The most tricky and obvious question to be asked in an interview is about one's weakness. One can never lie to this question.

If your answer to this question is like "no you do not have one", the interviewer is assured that you are lying.

A personal weakness description would put you in a false position. A mention of weakness may reveal a point which might not be beneficial, your employer would put you in stake. So look to mention a flaw that would reflect your good qualities rather.

For example:

I do not like sitting back idle, I am always into some kind of constant reading and upgrading.

I am not very fluent in communications and like to develop the same with more public speech  presentations at work.

21. Say something about your achievements?

By asking this question, the employer wants to understand your work skill. You have to answer mainly on work-based achievements. Here, you have to exhibit those things in your career of which you are proud of. You have to point to your key achievements, people involved, your role and your take-homes. These will definitely work to impress your interviewer. If you have not many career-related achievements, try mentioning some of your personal achievements where you can highlight your social skills like communication, teamwork, presentation.

22. What do you rate yourself in handling situations at stress and work pressure?

Your rating should be justified, not over marking nor underrating yourself. It could be harmful for you. Never say you get panicked easily. You may be very good and able in handling stress & pressure, just mention with examples. How you handled them, what were your key responsibilities and how you executed. Your answer would add stars if you mention cases where you were unable to handle such situations, you even sought expert advice & guidance where from you also learnt lessons, would simply showcase your inclination towards Betterment.

23. What does the MSA circle on the approach plate mean and mention its use?

The Lowest altitude that provides at least 1000 ft obstruction or terrain clearance within 25 miles of the navaid it is based off. This is used for emergency purposes only and does not always adhere to signal coverage.

24. How does radiation fog form?

Heat is radiated from the ground. After the ground starts radiating the heat into the atmosphere it has accumulated during the entire day under the sun. The ground has the capacity to quickly cool down overnight and the air just above the ground space cools immediately as well, a presence of moisture in it cools to its dew point thus forming fog.

25. What work situations excite and motivate you?

"I am most motivated, on the job, when tasks are organized and the vibe is positive. I really value strong teamwork and good leadership."

26. When have you had to shift your priorities in response to sudden changes?

"In my current role, our schedule is changed on a regular basis and always at short notice. I have been able to adapt very well to these frequent, sudden changes."

27. If you could start your career over again, what direction would you take?

"I certainly do not regret the direction I have taken my career; however, if I had to start over in a new direction completely I would likely pursue my Degree in Education and become a teacher. Both of my parents were teachers, and they seemed to have a very fulfilling career. I enjoy coaching and leading others so, any tasks in my current career that related to these skills, are very welcome."

28. Tell me about a time when communication became an issue when working on a team.

"I worked on a team to solve a problem that could have potential effects on our ability to grow the business and reach our goals. Each person on the team was tasked with a different aspect, such as gathering data and analyzing it. We came together to discuss the results but couldn't seem to agree. We were struggling to listen to each person's opinion. I explained my observation, and I suggested we give each person a chance to talk through their findings and opinions,which helped us take a more collaborative approach."

29. How does this position fit into your career goals?

"My primary goal in my career as a flight attendant is to become a senior team member and eventually train others in the airline industry. I feel that what KLM Cityhopper offers is a strong path towards those goals and I am excited about what this position has

to offer."

30. As a Pilot, you are responsible for ensuring that the safety of all passengers is a priority. What would you do if you felt there was a safety threat?

"My reaction to a safety threat would rely on my on-the-job training. I would want to make sure that I follow company protocol and safety regulations. I believe that if faced with a

safety threat, I would do everything to ensure passengers remained calm."

30. If you could start your career over again, what direction would you take?

"I certainly do not regret the direction I have taken my career; however, if I had to start over in a new direction completely I would likely pursue my Degree in Education and become a teacher. Both of my parents were teachers, and they seemed to have a very

fulfilling career. I enjoy coaching and leading others so, any tasks in my current career that related to these skills, are very welcome."

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