Eastern Airways CAMO Engineer


Eastern Airways CAMO Engineer 

There is far more to running an airline than simply flying a plane. Every member of the Eastern Airways family contributes equally to the organization's success. 

That is why, at Eastern Airways, we strive to hire the best candidates for each role. Providing the finest service to all of our customers is a top priority, and to do so, we must all have the correct attitude, approach, and philosophy.

There are numerous benefits to joining the Eastern Airways family, including a minimum 22-day standard holiday (plus bank holidays as appropriate), private health care coverage, company pension payments, and cheap travel through the Eastern Airways network.

CAMO Engineer

Position: Eastern Airways Head Office, Humberside Airport (occasional overseas travel may be required).

Reporting to the Technical Services Team Leader.

Salary: Negotiable based on experience.

 Primary responsibilities:

  • Assisting the TSTL and Fleet Specialists in tracking and reviewing advancements and TCH needs for Eastern Airways' modern regional turboprop and single-aisle turbojet fleets.

  • Collecting and assessing TCH paperwork, such as service bulletins, repairs, and modifications, and making appropriate recommendations.

  • Reviewing removed component details and keeping track of fleet and component reliability.

  • Maintain and control aircraft-specific documentation, such as dent and buckle charts.

  • Collecting maintenance data, including creating work packs and reviewing completed work cards.

  • Trend analysis for aircraft and engine performance.

  • As the operator's technical representative, I communicate with aircraft manufacturers and maintenance providers to build and maintain a successful partnership.

  • Control over aircraft operating software and navigation databases.

  • Research and presentation of aircraft improvements and upgrades.

  • Onboarding and introducing new aircraft into the fleet.

Key accountability:

  • Part-145 and CAMO require technical information to service the fleet.

  • Necessary qualifications and skills:

  • Technical knowledge of aircraft systems and components.

  • Experience with managing difficult projects.

Person specification:

  • Openness to collaboration and learning.

  • Competent in processing technical data.

  • A dynamic and energetic work ethic.

  • Excellent communication abilities.

  • Ability to work independently, prioritize, and manage several difficult, time-sensitive activities at once.

  • Accurate and exact.

Eastern Airways also offers the following:

  • Private healthcare

  • Company pension contributions

  • 22-day holiday as standard (plus bank holidays).

  • Eastern Airways network offers reduced travel rates.

  • Excellent training and development plan.

  • Free on-site parking

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