What are the duties of the JetStar Technical Manager


What are the duties of the JetStar Technical Manager?     

About Jetstar:

The Jetstar Group is one of Asia Pacific's most rapidly developing airline groups. It consists of Jetstar Airways (a subsidiary of the Qantas Group) in Australia and New Zealand, Jetstar Asia in Singapore, and Jetstar Japan.

Jetstar began operations in Australia as a domestic airline in 2004. Since then, we've transformed the face of aviation in Asia Pacific. People who were previously unable to fly can now do so more frequently and for a lower cost.

Together, we've established an incredible company, expanding from 700 to over 5,000 employees. Day after day, our workers around Asia Pacific look for new ways to make the world more accessible.

We've accomplished all of this by keeping safety as our top priority, keeping our expenses and pricing the lowest in the industry, and, most significantly, because of our strong, shared enthusiasm for our clients and our business, as well as our can-do spirit.

As a result, Jetstar has developed an innovative culture. Today, we provide more than simply affordable tickets; we also provide innovative solutions and travel experiences.

We are also a corporation that values its entrepreneurial spirit and ambition. To avoid losing sight of who we are, we clearly define our vision, goal, and objectives, as well as our core values, which govern the decisions we make on a daily basis.

Job Location: Singapore Engineering

Job Type: Full Time

Recruitment starts - more than 30 days ago

Job Requisition Id:  R89207

Jetstar thrives on innovation. We are constantly seeking innovative and proactive experts to help our company function smarter and more efficiently. You will be encouraged to think creatively while establishing and sustaining best practices. Furthermore, this position will require you to work within the larger Jetstar and Qantas group structure. Our crew is constantly looking for new places to fly, new ways to add value, and new methods to boost performance.

As a Technical Services Manager, you will be responsible for AD/SB compliance, aircraft modification control, reliability and performance monitoring, and any other Technical Services-related issues. It's an extremely responsible, rigorous, and lucrative job path.

As a member of the Jetstar Asia Engineering & Maintenance team, you will have the chance to ensure the complete airworthiness of our growing fleet of aircraft.

As the Manager, Engineering, your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Providing an appropriate level of AOC control over contracted maintenance and technical services organizations to ensure compliance with contractual agreements and CAAS standards.

  • Managing and directing the Aircraft Reliability Monitoring Programme, which includes engine condition and aircraft performance monitoring, as well as ensuring that the programme meets CAAS criteria.

  • Monitoring Airworthiness Directive (AD) activity to verify that all mandatory requirements are analyzed, scheduled, and met.

  • Reviewing and recommending Service Bulletin (SB) and customer modification evaluations from fleet technical management organizations for implementation on the Jetstar Asia fleet.

  • Liaising with OEMs on proposed aircraft and equipment upgrades, including part specification and timely provision of Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) and engineering orders.

  • Representing Jetstar Asia at technical liaison, reliability, and modification committee meetings.

  • Ensure that the contracted maintenance and technical services organizations provide suitable replies to safety investigation reports and mandated occurrence reports.

  • Ensuring successful management of the AirbusOn-Line (AOL) Account, as well as the provision and maintenance of up-to-date airworthiness, engineering, and maintenance data to all affected personnel or organizations that require it.

  • Responsible for the upkeep, updating, production, archiving, and retrieval of aircraft engineering and maintenance records.

  • Responsible for working with Jetstar Asia Flight Operations about airworthiness and operational issues.

  • Monitoring technical services expenditure to ensure that expenses remain within budget.

  • Undertaking any related duties as assigned by the Manager, Engineering.

To be considered for these roles, you should have:

  • Degree/Diploma in /Electrical/Electronics/Mechanical Engineering or Licence Aircraft Engineer (LAE)

  • Minimum of three years of experience in aviation technical services, with at least two years in a supervisory capacity.

  • Knowledge of Trax Maintenance software is preferred.

  • Familiar with Civil Aviation Authority (CAAS) regulations and procedures.

  • Excellent understanding of aircraft maintenance planning and component management.

  • Familiar with numerous aircraft technical documents.

Jesvita Melisha Mendonca

HR Team














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