Delta Airlines Flight Attendant

Delta Airlines Flight Attendant

         Each Delta Flight Attendant has a story of their own. Whether a career as a Flight Attendant is the first or second chapter in someone’s story, we’re honored to be part of 25,000+ journeys.The first step to becoming a Delta Flight Attendant is to complete the application. Candidates should only apply once and should not create multiple profiles.


         Next is the Talent Assessment to help candidates understand their strengths in the workplace. Candidates must complete and pass the assessment to continue through the interview process.


        Experience key aspects of the role and job situations while demonstrating problem solving, custom service and job-related skills. 


         Candidates who successfully pass the VJT will be invited to record an On-Demand Interview. This interview is completed through our technology partner, Modern Hire.


Successful candidates are invited to Delta's Headquarters in Atlanta, GA for Event Day. This interview day is an opportunity for us to learn about your experiences and introduce you to Delta.


 If you have a successful Event Day interview, you will be offered a position with Delta as a Flight Attendant.


Once pre-employment is successfully completed, Flight Attendants are given their training date, base assignment, and then begin their 7-week onsite training in Atlanta, GA.

The Flight Attendant opportunity is in high-demand, and it may take some time to hear from our Talent team. We will be in touch via email about next steps in the application process.

 Interview Process:

 A virtual interview should be treated as much like a professional in-person interview as possible. Keep the following tips in mind when preparing for a virtual interview:  

This interview will be self-recorded 

Wear clean, pressed and professional clothing 

Be mindful of your presentation and communication throughout your experience and always portray professionalism 

Ensure you are in a quiet and professional environment free from distractions. Keep in mind, your location of choice should have a neutral background and good lighting. 

Virtual interviews are dependent on having a good internet connection. Test your connection before the interview and make sure your microphone and webcam are functioning correctly.  

Video is required for all interviews. Ensure you're not blocked, and that your webcam is at eye level (not angled up or down at you). Put yourself in the center of the frame. 

Answer questions clearly, honestly and accurately. Avoid pre-writing interview answers and reading your interview answers directly off from a piece of paper and/or another screen.  

You should be aware of following:

          As you prepare to join our team in Atlanta for the in-person Event Day, we recommend that  you keep in mind the following things: 

Consider the way our Flight Attendants dress and use that as inspiration. Wear clean, pressed, and professional clothing. If you are an internal candidate, do not wear your Delta uniform. 

Our uniform policy does not allow for visible tattoos and we recommend keeping that in mind as you prepare for Event Day. 

For candidates that prefer suits: 

Wear a two-piece suit and tie 

Dark, professional colors such as black, gray or navy are recommended 

For candidates that prefer dresses or skirts: 

A two-piece suit with skirt or tailored shift dress 

Dark, professional colors such as black, gray or navy are recommended 

Skirts and dresses should be mid-calf or knee-length 

Dress shoes with dark socks, if applicable, or flats, pumps or sensible heels 

Ensure facial hair is clean-shaven or neatly trimmed 

Eat a well-balanced meal prior to joining us for Event Day as you will be with our team for a few hours. Snacks and water will be provided throughout the day.  


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